Scale Charts and Forms

Learning scales and other exercises is equal to learning most fundamental elements of physical movement  which adjusts a person’s hands and body to the instrument.

There is absolutely no technical fluency and command of any musical instrument that can be achieved by-passing rigorous and consistent exercising.

However, scales, arpeggios and other elements of musician’s technical routine aren’t just physical forms to train hand movement; they are elements of ACTUAL MUSIC! Most or all of those elements are found in classical music pieces; they form passages, chords, runs; progressions… even melodies often follow scale patterns. 

Practicing technical exercises without HEARING them and LISTENING to how they SOUND turns them into dull and annoying rode repetitions, creates unnatural environment of hopeless boredom, pointlessness, frustration.  Each and every one of those exercises you find below are designed to be transformed into exciting and engaging pieces of music with a variety of MUSICAL goals that can be achieved during practicing and then applied to actual pieces.

Circle of Fifths



Scales Learning OrderScales Learning Order



Scales Chart Level 1  Scales 1 (3)

                     Scales 2

Scales practicing log Level 2

Scales 3

Scales Practicing Chart Level 3

Scales 4

Scales Practicing Chart Level 4

Scales 5

Scales Practicing Chart Level 5

Scales 6

Scales Practicing Chart Level 6

Scales 7

Scales Practicing Chart Level 7

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