Listening Log

Listening to music is an essential part of learning it.  No parent would expect their child to suddenly start composing poetry or writing books without reading some or a lot, right? Same with making music! Music is a language and learning it needs to be approached in many ways similar to the way we learn languages.

There are, of course, all these familiar components:

  • Learning of grammar and other structural underlying elements of any language  
  • Memorization of rules of changing words in context and of actual words
  • A lot of practicing to be able to form words and sentences
  • Practicing of pronunciation 
  • Development and expansion of vocabulary… And other aspects, of course.

But here is one of the most powerful ways we learn language which applies to learning music, too.

We learn a language with most speed, efficiency, fluency and ease if and when we HEAR it spoken LIVE by people who are fluent or, better still, native in that language!

In learning a musical instrument nothing helps more, makes students more excited and motivated than HEARING beautiful music played and enjoyed by the “native speakers” of it which is by professional musicians of high caliber. 

Please, use our easy and fun Listening Log to help your child (and yourself!) get on track of incorporating ACTIVE and INVOLVED listening into your weekly life.

Happy journey discovering the world of beauty and joy of speaking a new language, MUSIC!

Download and print the file here: Listening Log

Students can also complete their Listening Log assignments in the blog section of Students Discussion under Listening Log Posts tab

Listening Log

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