Semyon Ziskind, Violin and Viola

SEMYON ZISKIND is a dynamic and result oriented music teacher distinguished by professionalism and perfect communication skills.

Violin lessons from an experienced, conservatory graduate and professional violinist. Well-versed in various traditional methods of playing (classical, bluegrass, fiddling) and many years of experience teaching students of all ages.

Message from the Teacher

By Semyon Ziskind

Semyon Ziskind, violin

My lessons bring you the most effective and fun violin lessons, using the power of great teaching combined with joy of bringing out the most delightful, favorite melodies. My child-friendly teaching makes deep, meaningful learning both easy and fun, and it creates well rounded musicians who will love making music throughout their lives.


My teaching style is making even most tricky concepts simple, memorable, and fun.  I engage the child’s natural curiosity and creativity while providing the kind of training needed to reach a high level of musical proficiency. Its child-friendly teaching tools make deep, meaningful learning both easy and fun, and it creates well rounded musicians who will love making music throughout their lifetime.

During my lessons, the emphasis is put on correct playing technique, posture and hand position, reading, writing, performing rhythms and improvising.  Basics of music theory is an important part of the lessons.

Whether the lessons are for a young child, beginning adult or intermediate of any age, I have something to offer. My students currently range in age from 4 years old to adults. Children love the violin and it’s a joy to bring the love of music to their hearts, and beginning adults can be comforted by the patience and optimism I offer. It is my pleasure to take away the mystery of the violin and reveal a straight path to increased mastery and the ability to more freely express.

It’s truly glorious to bring the love of music into anyone’s life. I am patient, optimistic, and driven to find a way to help you understand anything you want to know about the violin.

I give great individual attention to each student and my lessons are tailored to cater to their needs and interests. I give my students a very broad understanding of music, including harmony and ear training, and dive into the technicalities of the violin.

A good teacher can save you not only the money, but also the TIME, which cannot be bought by the money, that’s why I can keep so many long term good students.  I enjoy working with players of all ages and levels.

To view Mr. Ziskind’s Resume, please click on the link below:

Mr. Ziskind’s Resume

Committed to inculcating a passion for studying music and empowering students to achieve the best results.  Nurtures students to pursue individual goals, master the instrument for solo performance, or participate in school     orchestras/ensembles.

Enables the most advanced to continue education in music programs at colleges or conservatories. Mr. Ziskind Demonstrates  pleasant personality and effective listening abilities.

My objectives are to obtain a position as a music teacher where  I will utilize over  twenty five years of experience in teaching violin ,working with students’ orchestras and chamber ensembles, guide students to love and become proficient with art of music, bring joy to music lovers of all ages and make the world of music more accessible to more people


Independent music instructor, Buffalo, NY, 1991- 2014

Taught individual violin and viola lessons to students of all ages.

Developed individualized lesson plans for each student.

Prepared  programs with students to participate in auditions for school, county and state orchestras. Assisted students in developing sight- reading skills.

Community Music School,  Buffalo, NY, 1991 –  1996 Guided individuals and groups in playing solo and being part of orchestra. Taught strings, orchestra, ensembles to students of all levels and ages. Developed accommodated lesson plans appealing to a variety of learners. Established a positive rapport with children, parents and staff.

Special Music School for Gifted Youth, NalchikRussia, 1984 – 1989. Taught violin, conducted symphony and chamber youth orchestras.

Related Professional Experience

Concertmaster and soloist of Nalchik Symphony Orchestra, Russia, 1984 –  1989                       

First violinist in “Premier” String Quartet, Buffalo, NY, 1990 –   2014

Solo recitals at Lancaster, NY Historical Society, Erie County Public Library, Canisius High School, Radio Stations etc.

Concertmaster of Cheektowaga, NY Orchestra

First violinist at “Sinfonietta” – chamber orchestra at SUNY, Buffalo, NY


New York State Teacher Certification in Music K-12, permanent


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