Scales Exam and Independent Study Test


Welcome to our test instruction page!

Below you will find all Independent Study pieces ready for downloading and printing. Please, look for my e-mail on Thursday night which will have your child’s name and assigned number corresponding with the piece on this page; then print it for your child to learn for the test.

Please, make sure you provide the following when signing up:

  1. Your child’s name
  2. The scale they prepared
  3. The Level of scales they are on
  4. How many people will be attending?
  5. Optional: what dish would you like bring for the party afterwards?

To sign up for the event, please click on the link below:

Studio Event 1 SignUp

Scales will be graded based on accuracy, control of tempo, and quality of sound production

Independent Study will be graded the following way (Levels do not correspond with Scales Levels, each Level adds a sticker to the child’s award):

Level 1. Learned HS, was able to correctly cover rhythms, notes, accidentals, fingering, articulationpianist-hand-span-infographic-1414410936

Level 2. All level 1 requirements are covered, but HT

Level 3. All previous Levels  covered, achieved appropriate tempo

Level 4. All previous Levels covered, achieved musicality through dynamics and phrasing

Level 5. All previous Levels covered, achieved the use of pedal

Level 6. All previous levels covered; MEMORIZED

Additional sticker will go to a child who guesses correctly whose hands are on the cover picture of this page

Below are all Independent Study pieces. Please, find the one which is coded to correspond with your child’s name, then click on the image to enlarge and print

IST 43 

IST No.1 (pages 1 and 2)IST No.1 (2) IST No. 1














IST No. 2 (1 page from beginning to the arrow mark)IST No. 2








IST No. 3 (Learn piece No. 65)IST No. 3







IST No. 4 (both pages)

Mozart IST 4


IST No. 5

Mozart IST 5


IST No. 6 (Presto movement from the middle of 1st page to the end of first line on 3rd page)

Mozart F Presto IST 6


IST 7 (First piece on top of the page)IST 7








IST 8 (“Fleet Fingers”)IST 8







IST 9 (Entire page)IST 9







IST 10 (Kuhlau Sonatina to the arrow mark)IST 10








IST 11`(Entire piece)IST 11







IST 12 (Entire piece)

Chopin Waltz b minor IST 12


IST 13 (Entire piece)

IST 13









IST 14 (from beginning to the end of first line on the second page where there is the arrow marking)  IST 14 (1) IST 14 (2)














IST 15 (Entire Andante, don’t miss the “Da Capo Al Fine”)IST 15








IST 16 (Entire No. 3)IST 16








IST 17 (the two-line piece on top of the page)IST 17








IST 18 (can do 2 lines or the whole piece)IST 18








IST 19 (the piece on top of the page)IST 19








IST 20 (Entire piece on top of the page)

IST 20








IST No.21 – Chopin Mazurka Op. 33, No. 4 in B minor (stop at the key change downbeat)

IST No. 22 – Burgmuller, Study Op. 100 No. 23 “Le Retour” (page 34 only, stop at two measures before the end of the page)

IST No. 23 – Chopin Cantabile

IST No. 24 – Czerny, Op. 740 No. 2 (first page only, stop at the downbeat of the last staff) 

IST No. 25 – Five Finger Study from Michael Aaron Piano Course, Grade Two (page 7)


IST No. 26 – Study in Sixteenth from Michael Aaron Piano Course, Grade Two (page 15, with Da Capo)


IST No. 27 – On Parade from Michael Aaron Piano Course, Grade Two (page 31)


IST No. 28 – Kitten at Play from Michael Aaron Piano Course, Grade Two (page 36)


IST No. 29 – Movie Thriller from Michael Aaron Piano Course, Grade Two (page 38)


IST No. 30 -Johann Strauss Frühlingsstimmen, Op. 410 (page 3 only, without the last measure)

IST No. 31 – Little Quail from Sorokin compilation (first piece on page 3 only)


IST No. 32 – Bartok – Piece No. 2 from Sorokin compilation (first piece on page 70 only (No. 2)


IST No. 33 – Strauss – Kaizer Waltz (play Walzer 1 only – it starts on page 3, 69 measures total )

IST No. 34 – March from Milich Book 2 (page 14)


IST No. 35 – Cat and Mouse from Milich Book 2 (second piece on page 28)


IST No. 36 – Ukrainian Dance from Milich Book 2 (starts on page 30)


IST No. 37- Goedicke – Etude in G major from Milich Book 2 (page 83)


IST No. 38 – Goedicke – Etude No. 6 from Milich Book 2 (page 87)


IST No. 39 – Schitte – Etude No. 7 from Milich Book 2 (page87)


IST No. 40 – No. 43 from Lyakhovitskaya-Barenboym book 1 (on page 18)


IST No. 41 – No. 65 from Lyakhovitskaya-Barenboym book 1 (on page 26)


IST No. 42 – Kostia – Girl from Barcelonakostia-girl-from-barcelona (play through the first ending, no repeat)


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