Renee Jin

Renee Jin has been with Anna since age 5, she is now 7 years old.

She loved music from a very young age and has always been Renee 4interested in learning an instrument. Working with Anna had provided her with a great opportunity in pursuing her interest and advance in her playing technique. She loves to learn from Renee 2Anna, and enjoys Anna’s teaching method. Up to date, Renee has performed in 6 recitals in the studio. She enjoys this kind of event in the studio very much.

Her greatest accomplishment up till now is mastering “Musette D Major” and “Minuet in G Major” in the book J.S. Bach along with Renee 3completing her part in Berkovich 2nd movement. 

Renee will continue to work hard on her playing skills and make some great improvement in the following years.

Enjoy Renee’s playing!



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