Notes for Parents

Dear Parents, Welcome to our Studio Help page!

This is your page to go to when you seek answers to some of the most burning questions you will have before and during the journey you are starting with your child towards learning a musical instrument. We do not entertain an ambition to resolve those questions, dilemmas or problems for you; you are still the one who will find the solutions that work uniquely for your child and your family. But we do hope that you find these pages and posts helpful!

We may not be aware of some of the questions and may not have a discussion started on some of the topics which are important to you. But it doesn’t mean we have not encountered similar issues with students in our past experience. Please use our Blog page to share your questions and concerns! We will get a discussion going on your topics and hopefully together we will find a way to help and improve everyone’s experience. You are welcome to use your own name or a pseudonym if you prefer your posts to be anonymous. 

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