My child is ready to start lessons…or is she? (Topic 1, Part 5. What is involved?)

In this post we continue looking through some factors which are involved in the initial decision to start music lessons

  • Are we as a family ready to make room for it? Again, this is a bit more involved than what you may see from a first quick look.

Of course, piano is the bulkiest choice and requires most adjustment. But in considering space for your child music study there are other things as well to keep in mind.  Where she practices needs to be a place which simultaniously gives her privacy and audience. Open space in a two-story family room may be intimidating because the entire household will hear her every mistake and her every stuggle.

Her bedroom behind closed door gives privacy allright, but no sense of connection and gives no easy way to communicate and help her during practice session besides invading her bedroom and sitting through the entire practice next to her. This setting is intimidating as well!

As your child progresses he needs to have more and more storage space for books and additional equipment.

Also, the space needs to be quiet enough so he can hear himself well, meaning his practicing spot in the house cannot be anywhere near TV set, computer stations, his siblings’ playrooms, and so on. At the same time it’s not a good idea to have the practicing routine set up in your house in such a way that everyone must go tip-toeing around during his practice time as this will create an unhealthy super-attention to his work from everyone else.

In the next post we will look at some “hidden” costs involved