Listening Log Posts 2016-2017

Dear Students,

Here we are starting a new Blog which is dedicated to our Listening Log. From now on, you are welcome to post your weekly ListeningListening Log Logs here in a form of comment to this blog post. You can choose to continue to bring your paper versions to the lessons, or, you may choose to do a paper one week, then do a post on this website for another week. Either way, each completed Listening Log will earn you a Sticker!


You will need to make your posts fit the following format:

Listening Log No.? by (your name)

First piece:

  1. Composer
  2. Title
  3. Composition
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  5. Your comments!

Second piece:

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205 thoughts on “Listening Log Posts 2016-2017”

  1. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: caprice 24
    Composer: paganini
    Performer: Hilary Hahn

    very playful and light. Nice phrasing. This piece is very energetic and jumpy. She makes playing the violin look so easy. Great sound and technique.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Devils Trill
    Composer: Tartini
    Performer: Itzhak Perlman

    Very strong sound. Nice phrasing and dynamics. The piece is not exactly calm and relaxing but not energetic and exciting. It sounds like music accompanying the story of someones life.

  2. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Nocturne in c# minor
    Performer: Ashkenazy

    starts out relaxing and quiet. I really like the melody. good phrasing. It was played with a clear and crisp sound. Even though the theme is repeated many times, every time it sounds different. Ends with scale passages. This peice sounds like a lullaby.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Consolation 3
    Composer: Liszt
    Performer: Horowitz

    Very quiet and calm piece. Im not sure how its possible that he played it pretty much without any notes sticking out. Great phrasing and expression. Lots of different harmonies that Horowitz played with different character. great sound quality

  3. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Moonlight Sonata Movt 1
    Performer: Valentina Listisa

    starts out quiet and very calm. Great phrasing and expression. The whole piece is very quiet and relaxing. I could hear the melody very well. It sounds like a piece played for a funeral or when someone is very sad.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Moonlight Sonata Movt 3
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer: Valentina Listisa

    Much more powerful and energetic and exciting than 1st Movt.
    Great technique. The sound in the scale passages was a tiny bit unclear, but that might have been the recording. I like how each passage sounds like its going to resolve somewhere but it always changes.

  4. LL 35

    Title: Invention 8
    Composer: Bach
    Performer: Cory Hall

    Very upbeat, happy, and sounds like someone playing outside. The performer didn’t put very many dynamics in, or phrasing.

    Title: The Entertainer
    Composer: Scott Joplin
    Performer: Cory Hall

    Starts out as the ice cream truck song, so reminded me of the summer. Mostly is repeats of an original theme, but throughout is very happy, excited, and well, entertaining. There were lots of very strange sounds and combinations, but that made it even more entertaining. Made me feel happy.

  5. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Gnomenreigen
    Composer: Liszt
    Performer: Rahcmaninoff

    Starts very jumpy and light. Very energetic piece. Great technique and phrasing. Clear sound. The piece sounds very happy but sometimes mysterious.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Etude op. 10 no 12
    composer: Chopin
    Performer: Pollini

    very powerful and strong piece. but also expresses sadness or calmness sometimes. I really liked the different chords and the different characters for each one. Great technique. This piece sounds like a car chase.

  6. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: etude tableaux op. 33 in e flat major
    Composer: Rachmaninoff
    Performer: Vladimir Ashkenazy

    Very exciting and energetic. Sounds like a grand march or parade. great phrasing and technique. Very clear sound. Ending is very powerful.

    Listening Log Pot 2

    Title: Romeo and Juliet
    Composer: Prokofiev
    Perfomer: Evgeny Kissin

    Very powerful and grand piece.Sounds angry and upset. I just really like this piece for some reason. Played with great technique and powerful sound.

  7. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Prelude and Fugue in D minor (prelude)
    Composer: Bach
    Performer: Ritcher

    This piece sounds like a dance. It is very repetitive but he makes it sound like its not. Clear sound and good phrasing and harmonies.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Prekude and Fugue in D minor (Fugue)
    Composer: Bach
    Performer: Ritcher

    Sounds like a piece for church. It sounds a little anxious but also calm. I could hear each melody line seperately and very well. Great expression and phrasing.

  8. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Prelude in c# minor op. 28
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Arthur Rubinstein

    very energetic and light piece. Very clear sound. great phrasing. The piece was very fast but calming and relaxing. It sounds like a little mouse running away.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Prelude in b minor op. 28
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Martha Agerich

    Very relaxing and calming. Great expression, dynamics and phrasing. Many nice harmonies and chords. This piece sounds very sad.

  9. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Fantasy for the Violin and Piano
    Composer: Schoenberg
    Performer: Glenn Gould and Yehudi Menuhin

    This piece is very mysterious and interesting. It sounds angry, sad, upset, anxious and many different emotions. It almost sounds like the composer put random notes together.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Nocturne op. 9 no . 2
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Arthur Rubinstein

    Very calm and delicate. It sounds like a lullaby. also sounds like music at a fancy restaurant. I really liked the harmonies. Good phrasing and dynamics and clear sound

  10. Listening Log 1
    Title: Faschingsschwank Aus Wien: Intermezzo
    Composer: Schumann
    Performer: Sviatoslav Ritcher

    This piece sounds like music that would go with someone going on an epic adventure in an movie. It expresses the action and emotions of the adventure. Melody was shown well and had its own phrasing. I think he played it a little too fast and some parts felt rushed. Great phrasing and technique.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Faschingsschwank Aus Wien: Finale
    Composer: Schumann
    Performer: Sviatoslav Ritcher

    Very energetic and exciting. I think it was played too fast. There were many changes of character. The piece does sound like a finale like the final credits of a movie. I liked how it sounded like a different person playing everytime there was a switch of character(the places where the mood changes).

  11. LL

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 3 in D major
    Composer: Kabalevsky
    Piano Player: Warren Cohen

    A very quick, intriguing piece, loud and strong, with a good deal of bounciness and mystery. Warren does a nice job on the fast parts. Excellent!

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 23
    Composer: Kabalevsky

    Very bouncy and mysterious, too, except louder and more ominous, but soon it gets to just bouncy, but still with the adventurous tone. Great articulation!

  12. LL

    Title: Sonata 3rd movement
    Composer: Beethoven

    Very good, great articulation, but could be better with expression. But it’s great overall; good job!

    Title: Karaminskaya
    Composer: Tchaikovsky

    Slow, but sturdy, with a bouncy tune. But could focus more on more articulation, and not so much banging in the right hand. But overall, great playing for a six-year-old!

  13. LL

    Title: Toccatina
    Composer: Kabalevsky

    Really really fast! I noticed how the left had had most of the melody, so the performer made it really loud. Balance between right and left hand excellent!

    Title: Galop
    Composer: Kabalevsky

    Fast, bouncy, light, cheerful, excellent articulation. Great phrasing and balance between hands. Excellent!

  14. LL

    Title: Sonata No. 8 in C minor
    Composer: Beethoven

    Very grand, but sad. I like her phrasing, and how she made the piece slow and easy, then make it really fast and exciting a moment later. Really awesome!

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 1
    Composer: Chopin

    A swaying melody. It sounds like ballroom music. It also sounds very grand. There is very good phrasing, and it has good articulation. Great job, orchestra!

  15. LL

    Title: Ballade no 1 in G minor
    Composer: Chopin

    Very grand sound, it’s happy and sad at the same time–also it’s fairly slow, but with gentle chords. I like it.

    Title: Moonlight Sonata
    Composer: Beethoven

    Very fast and exciting; I would say exhilarating. It sounds mysterious and happy at the same time. I like how she kept her left hand quiet while her right hand made up most of the melody. Excellent phrasing.

  16. LL

    Title: Bach Prelude in C major

    Calming melody, very peaceful, excellent use of pedal, soft, quiet, lullaby-like chords. Beautiful phrasing.

    Title: nocturne op. 9 no. 2
    Composer: Chopin

    Same peaceful melody, except slightly faster. Excellent use of pedal here, too, but it sounds kind of bitter-sweet.

  17. Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Rondo alla Turca
    A joyful and wonderful piece. It is happy and played clearly by the preformer. The piece makes me feel want to move fast, and is very quick.

    J. Williams
    Themes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens by J. Williams/arr. Longfield
    The arrangement is a mix of multiple pieces from the Force Awakens. It starts with the theme. Then follows Ray’s theme. The March of the Renaissance is powerful, with a marching beat feel. The arrangement ends with the classic tune from Starwars.

  18. Image Dragons
    Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix (Imagine Dragons Cover)
    This piece is recognizable to most. The chorus and singing is a different style, creating an interesting affect on the music.

    Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 19 in F major, K. 459 III. Allegro assai (838)
    The Conerto has a cheerful sound as it is played. The instruments play with staccato and happily. The melody is quite obvious through out the piece, it is played numerous times.

  19. LL Week 31 
    Title: Ständchen (Serenade) 
    Composer: Schubert-Liszt  
    Performer(s): Vladimir Horowitz 
    Starts out gentle, caring sounds like a river almost, flowing, that then gets to a small drop.  Then becomes peaceful.  Then has another “drop”, where it gets loud and kinda makes you freeze.  Then sounds sad, like a rainy day.  Then gets dramatic again, and then turns quiet and ends.  Made you feel sad, and then happy, and then angry.  Lots of emotions.  Great dynamics, as usual.   
    Title: Chromatic Fantasy  
    Composer: Bach 
    Performer(s): Gulda 
    Starts out very general, not very interesting, then the dynamics start to build up. Sounds a little rushed, but then slows a little bit.  Then goes up very high, like a bird in the spring.  Then goes back down, and gets a little sad.  Could’ve had more dynamics, but otherwise, the piece sounded good.   

  20. LL Week 30 
    Title: Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 
    Composer: Chopin 
    Performer(s): Vladimir Horowitz 
    Starts out soft, sad, very expressive, then gets louder suddenly, like someone getting angry or upset.  Then goes back to the calm, sweet state it was before.  Starts to get a little more dramatic, and then goes back to the original calm mood again, but this time with undertones of anger.  Repeats this a couple more times, each time getting a little more dramatic.  Then has some octaves, and becomes very loud and dramatic.  Then has some quick notes that bring down the anger, and then ends calm and quiet.  Has very subtle tempo changes, and also is played more lightly than the other times I’ve heard it played.  Made me feel calm, sad, and then angry/mad, and then calm and relaxed.  There was some really good expression here too. 
    Title: Fantasie-Impromptu Op. 66 
    Composer: Chopin 
    Performer(s): Vladimir Horowitz 
    Starts out quickly, and kind of rushed.  Then becomes a little less frantic, but still sounds a little afraid.  Then goes back to the originally rushed feeling.  Then turns sweet, a little more calm, like the theme from the Lord of the Rings in places.  Has the occasional turn/up and down, but is generally happy.  Turns fast again, kind of reminds me of Tom and Jerry, or Rhapsody in Blue.  Then turns angry/ fierce again.  Very good expression, made me feel angry/frantic and then calm and then angry again.  VERY good dynamics too.    

  21. Listening Log Post

    Title: Sonatina Opus 13 no. 1
    Composer: Kabalevsky
    Performer: Amaral Vieria

    Bouncy, very good sound, great articulation, sad and happy parts. I can hear the pedal. Good piece.

    Title: Sonatina in G minor, Opus 13 No. 2
    Composer: Kabalevsky
    Performer: “Guy Shepherd”

    Bouncy, harmonious. Good articulation, except audio is poor. Is fuzzy at times. Very good expression.

  22. Title: Fourth Movement of the below piece
    Composer: Beethoven

    Dark and angry at first, but then it turned into the memorable ode we know as “Ode to Joy”. It was very delightful to hear. The cellos and violins were singing, and there was awesome dynamics and articulation. Good job, Beethoven!

    Title: Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67
    Composer: Beethoven

    Dun-dun-dun-duun, dun-dun-dun-duun, yup, I love this piece. It’s quick but not a least bit hasty, with the unforgettable meloy “dun-dun-dun-duun, dun-dun-dun-duun”. Besides that, there was this huge, grand, swaying motion that I love. The phrasing and dynamics were spectacular.

  23. Listening Log Post

    Title: Symphony No. 9 in D minor Op. 125, movement 2
    Composer: Beethoven

    This is even more active and jumpy than the first movement. At first, it is really staccato, but as we get in the movement, most is legato and only some is staccato. But thee is one part that reminds me of the adventurous tramp of the Three Musketeers. Very good movement!

    Title: Third movement of the above piece
    Composer: Beethoven

    A sort of sad-sweet start. Slow and like a lullaby. Flowing and swaying. Soft and calming tones, beautiful melody. The music like waves, washing over the listener. But it becomes happier soon so it’s happy-sweet, but the slow, calm melody stayed. But the sad-sweet and happy-sweet melodies often alternated in this movement. But it was delightful, nevertheless.

  24. Listening Log Post 🙂

    Title: Symphony No. 7 in A major
    Composer: Beethoven

    Obviously a happy piece, there is a big, grand, swaying motion that covers some of the piece. The drums make it grand, the violins and cellos and flutes and stuff make it sweet and fluttery. Sounds like a warm summer day. Or, at least, if a warm summer’s day was transformed into music, it would probably sound like this. There is a melody that anyone could remember; the piece is mostly legato but the flutes make some staccato.

    Title: Symphony No. 9 in D minor Op. 125, movement 1
    Composer: Beethoven

    A mystery in the air, the violins and cellos play in quite a scary matter. The French horns make it sound like something sinister is about. The chords are sudden and harsh. But sometimes it’s quiet, only the faint hum of the violins. I like how everyone contributes to the piece. But then it sounds sweet; the worst of the storm is over. All the instruments continue to play in harmony . Then there is that wonderful swaying motion. Wonderful movement; what a change of emotion!

  25. LL Week 29

    Title: Mephisto Waltz No. 1
    Composer: Franz Liszt
    Performers: La Pieta

    Starts out very stern and dramatic, but with undertones of sweet. Stays that way for a few minutes, but has fluctuations of the dynamics during that time. Then turns to something like a hunting call, and then a dance, and then back again. Then turns soft, and very expressive, and sounds like birds singing. Then becomes very sad, lonely, and then turns back to fluttering like birds. Then is quiet and sweet, then turns dramatic again.Then turns sweet and gentle. Made me feel a mixed set of emotions, mostly happy and excited.

    Title: Rockabye
    Composer: Clean Bandit/Sean Paul/Anne Marie
    Performer: Clean Bandit/Sean Paul/Anne Marie

    Tells the story of a mom trying to comfort her kid. I really like the rhythm, the way it bounces and moves. I also like the words. They make me appreciate what my mom does for me more :). Makes me feel grateful, and happy.

  26. Listening Log 1
    *Note* Ms. Anna said this piece makes up for two Listening Logs because its very long.

    Title: Carmen Suite
    Composer: Rodion Shchedrin
    Performer: Hakan Şensoy, Conductor; LIEPAJA Symphony Orchestra

    Its starts out very soft. You can barely hear the chimes and the string instruments playing. It makes you feel like you’re floating on air.

    II. Dance, Allegro
    Crescendo! You’re going to crash! Then you’re dancing. This part reminds of a ballet or maybe opera. It turns back into pianissimo, sweet and soft. Suddenly a bang!

    III. First Intermezzo, Allegro Moderato – Andante Moderato
    Then softly and presto like someones in danger! Oh no! Then darkness. Which then turns into sadness with a military marching. Like the military is a sad place to be with the sky gray and dark and its raining.

    IV. Changing of the Guard, Moderato
    Then a marching band, fading away. Next, it sounds like someone is sneaking on someone. Suddenly, a sound. Everyone panics! Oops, just a animal. Lets get going. It sounds like someone is trying to meet someone in secret and is wary of any sound. Uh oh! He has been found!

    V. Carmen’s Entrance and Habanera, Allegro Moderato – Quasi Andante
    Dramatic Introduction. It sounds like two people are arguing. But then sadness, like morning or grieving for someone they had lost but now has been found. It’s still sad but gets happier like the two people haven’t seen each other for a long time. This part sounds like a copy of the music from a dance. It makes you want to dance along with it. It starts out soft for a while but then there is an interruption like a BANG! It makes the music seem more exciting. The ending ends with a nice and sweet bang!

    VI. Scene, Allegro Moderato – Tempo Precendente – Andante Assai
    Soft. Quiet. Accelerando. Crescendo! Diminuendo. Crescendo! Diminuendo… and it continues. But it if you notice it then sounds like someone running away from someone with heroic music. But then soft, quiet, sweet. Like there to tired to run away anymore so they take a rest with sweet dreams… but it then turns into sadness, which then turns into sweetness… (After a while) Crescendo. Diminuendo, soft, quiet, suspicious, mysterious…

    VII. Second Intermezzo, Larghetto
    Slow, calm. It makes you feel like you’re floating toward the skies reaching for the stars on a calm night. This time is spent with someone special. Which reminds me of Aladdin, when he’s with Jasmine on the magic carpet and they are floating, seeing the beautiful sight, singing, having a wonderful time. Suddenly… BANG!

    VIII. Bolera, Allegro Vivo
    Fast, movement, dancing. It makes you feel like you’re jumping around, dancing and having so much fun. You just can’t keep track of where you are going!

    IX. Torero, Moderato con Stoltezza
    And you’re in the military again! Strong rapid drumming of drums. The marching of feet. The strong loud voice of the commander. Suddenly, you’re in a different place. You’re in a place of calmness, quiet. And then again the military! It’s as if they’re fighting over one another. Finally the military wins! But no there comes the quietness. At last the marching band is with us! But then they switch again. Finally! Finally, they stay with military and off we end with a sforzando.

    X. Torero and Carmen, Lento – Tempo 1
    Soft swishing of waves, and the sweetness of the sparkling water. The quiet night sky. You can’t expect anything more calming. Crescendo, diminuendo. Back to slow ,sweet, calm waltzing. It’s as if you could sit back, enjoy it, and listen to it forever. But then! A big crescendo! Then quiet. Slow waltz, the calmness, and the sweetness. And then the wind blew and it ended.

    XI. Adagio, Andante Moderato – Adagio
    It’s the sad, scary military. Raining, dreary, darkness, sadness, grief, mourning. Darkness. At last, this music reminds me of a part when the dancer finds out her loss, and she pours her feelings of mourning into her dancing. It’s like you can feel the loss in your heart. And it turns into anger. Angry because you loss a loved one and you scream, “Why?! But you know you can’t do anything about it and so you give one last look to your loved one.

    XII. Fortune – Telling, Andantino – Andante Assai
    Mysterious. It’s time. This part is when the battle begins. It’s like a fairy tale when the prince fights the evil witch. But then sadness like you feel you can’t do it anymore. It’s to much to bear. And so you go back. It’s like when you’re having a fortune telling. Soon there will be darkness and hard times ahead. But then sadness, and anger. At last you will fight the dark and stormy battle.

    XIII. Finale, Allegro – Tempo Precedente – Andante Assai
    Dancing! The fun party wedding! i could just jump up and down from hearing the joy but then darkness, and then joy, and then darkness. It’s like the battle wasn’t over yet and so they fight again. Mysterious, forte, fast, quick! And then someone dies. Her loved one. She grieves, and mourns. She gets angry at the other one telling him to leave. And so she grieves for loss but then she takes matter into her own hands. Quiet. A pause. Then, it is over and so she has a funeral. Sadness, everyone is silent. Respect for her husband. And so the quiet and grieved widow lived alone in sadness.

  27. Title: Prelude in E minor Op. 28 No. 4
    Composer: Chopin

    a distinct “bum, bum, bum” sound in the left hand. It sounds mysterious, and somewhat gloomy The phrasing is good, the dynamics are good. Good piece overall.

    Title: Sleeping Beauty Waltz
    Composer: Tchaikovsky

    quite a grand opening, but it soon all quiets down to a more swaying, “rolling” tune. Sounds like a prince dancing with, well, Sleeping Beauty, and the whole town coming to life after its long slumber.Very bouncy: good articulation, phrasing is even better. Awesome!

  28. Listening Log Post 😛

    Title: Moonlight Sonata
    Composer: Beethoven

    Soft, resonating sound, lots of expression, happy, and mysterious.
    Lots of flowing sound–I can hear the pedal, I think. It’s uneasy, gloomy, yet strong at the same time. Fascinating piece.

    Title: Ode to Joy
    Composer: Beethoven

    Beautiful sound, straight to the melody. As always. I can hear that the violin is the main instrument here. There’s excellent phrasing. I can hear it, nice and clear.

  29. Listening Log 1
    Title: Piano Sonata E minor 1st movt
    Composer: Haydn
    Performer: Emmanuel Ax

    Starts out sweet and quiet. The sound is so crisp and clear one of the best I’ve heard! Starts getting louder into scale passages which were also very clear. Then returns back to the jumpy but serious theme. I started to notice all the nice harmonies there are in classical sonatas and many pieces. Great technique and phrasing + dynamics.

    Listening Log 2
    Title: Faschingsschwank Aus Wien Allegro
    Composer: Schumman
    Performer: Sviatoslav Richter

    Very lively and energetic. Makes me very excited. Then calms down into a quieter part. Great phrasing and dynamics. I could hear 2 melodies really well and they both were expressive. Returns back to the exciting theme but quickly softens down to another quiet part. Good legato and expressiveness and sound. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be that far but I thought it was a bit rushed. There are interesting chords in there. Then there are many key changes. For each key there was a new feel to the piece. Finally it returns back to the theme. And again back to a calm section. Ends with a very technical variation of the theme. Good technique.

  30. LL Week 25 
    Title: Cinderella Waltz 
    Composer: Prokofiev 
    Performer(s): London Symphony Orchestra/André Previn   
    Started out sweetly and gently, you could definitely hear the waltz beat.  Then the music turned a little sad, like someone died or was hurt.  Then turns angry, and very dramatic, and then has moments of happiness again.  Made me feel a variety of emotions.  Great phrasing and expression. 
    Title: Waltz Op. 102 No. 1 
    Composer: Prokofiev 
    Performer(s): Sviatoslav Richter  
    Starts out mad, angry and then immediately changes to happy.  Does that switch again, and then turns happy again.  The happy mood stays for a while longer than usual, and then turns very dramatic, and loud.   Made me feel angry, then happy, and then tense.

  31. Mozart
    Overture to “IL Re Pastore”- Mozart
    A fast pace excited peice. I specifically chose this to listen to a different orchestra play what I’m going to play at a AYSE orchestra concert. The peice sounding different with out tremolos in some of the long notes. Arranged differently, I could point out different note placement amd the different notes compared to what I’m used to playing and hearing.

    Howard Shore
    The Hobbit – Misty Mountains Orchestral Cover
    A high violin played with feelings and emotion. Then the deep cello taking over with a different melody. Overall, although I haven’t heard the actual hobbits theme song, it seem pretty good. Mysterious, and sneeky is what the peice sounds like.

  32. Title: Piano concerto No.11 in d major
    Composer : Joseph Haydn
    Performer: Mikhail Pletnev
    Comments: This song is very bright and jumpy. It is very fast paced. It goes from quiet to loud and has lots of dynamics.

    Title: Prelude Vip
    Composer:TheFatRat & JJD
    Comments: The beginning is very calm. It then gets louder and louder. It is very bright and cheerful.

  33. LL Week 22 
    Title: Flute Concerto: 3rd movement 
    Composer: Wilhelm Friedemann Bach 
    Performer(s): Reinhard Goebel, Musica Antiqua Cologne, Verena Fischer, flute 
    Starts out sweetly, gently, then becomes more dramatic.  Still stays happy and upbeat, but has swings of more drama.  Very good expression, and good use of dynamics and phrasing.  Really kept me interested in the piece. 
    Title: Mazurka 
    Composer: ? 
    Performer(s): Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra 
    Starts off dramatic, sounds like a waltz, happy, energetic, gets a little more dramatic towards the middle, and then ends on a happy note.  Very classic expression for a waltz, and pretty good dynamics and phrasing.  Made me feel happy and excited. 

  34. Listening Log Post

    Title: Piano Concerto NO. 5 in D major
    Composer: Mozart
    Performer: Sviatoslav Richter

    What a grand opening! I really like this piece, mainly because it “wakes me up”. There are a lot of resonating chords–HOW DO THEY MAKE THEM SO LOUD???? The piano is quick and sounds like it’s PURRRfect pitch! 😉

    Title: Piano Concerto NO. 23 in A major
    Composer: Mozart

    It’s sweet and jumpy at places. The piano makes up like 99 percent of the piece, and it’s like it has a singing voice. Some parts it’s depressing and sad. I really like how this piece is so dramatic.

  35. Listening Log Post

    Title: Piano Concerto in D
    Composer: Haydn
    Performer: Sviatoslav Richter

    It’s a very happy piece. Happy pieces either sound like a dance or a happy walk. This time it sound like a happy dance. The dynamic are great; so is the phrasing. Made me feel really active.

    Title: Concerto No. 18 in B-flat major
    Composer: Mozart
    performer: Sviatoslav Richter

    Just like the above piece, it’s happy (obviously, it’s major) but there are some sad places. It’s bouncy, and are there clarinets in the backround? Some sort of flute makes the sound sweet. The piano makes it even sweeter.

  36. Calvin Harris
    This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris – Violin Looping Pedal Cover
    Builds up like a round. Some parts falling ou, only to come back again at some time. Played like modern style music is played. Background piano keeps the music flowing as you listen.

    “Adagio Cantabile” as performed by the GHS Chamber Orchestra
    Beautiful, soft, and sweet. Like a lullaby, it is quietly trying to lure you to sleep

  37. LL Week 21 
    Title: 1812 Overture Op. 49 “Finale” 
    Composer: Tchaikovsky 
    Starts out switching in between very dramatic sound and sweet, but then becomes very suspenseful, dramatic, and then the church bells start to ring.  The church bells ring for a little while over the dramatic music, then the music becomes victorious, and cannon fire starts.  Ends vey happy and with a lot of drama, and then stays on one note for a while before completely ending.  Made me feel brave and victorious. 
    Title:  The Nutcracker Overture  
    Composer: Tchaikovsky 
    Performer(s): ?? 
    Very gentle, sweet, happy, a little mysterious.  Keeps repeating the same theme.  I used to dance in the Nutcracker, so I can see the dancers doing the movements.  Made me feel happy and a little nervous, due to the history.  Good dynamics and phrasing. 

  38. Listening Log Post

    Title: Violin Concerto in D major
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Itzhak Perlman (think he was the conductor or first violinist)

    A nice, happy start. But I think the music sounded a bit “wild”, like there was a tremendous plucking sound of the bow at first, and the sound was extremely high-pitched and even creaky, if you get what I mean. And then when it got down in the lower notes the music sort of “stumbled” or “staggered”. But the dynamics and phrasing were good overall. It sounded like–sort of–the moving away of a good friend, but it’s sort of happy in a way, like they arranged a playdate sometime soon. And the music was so “broad” that I imagined the family putting up a SUPERgrand “goodbye” show. Trumpets trumpeting, banners frantically waving, flower-petals raining down, all because of this family moving away. How nice 🙂 I really liked this piece.

    Title: Swan Lake
    Composer: Tchaikovsky

    Just as I expected: sad, sweet, and playful. Good dynamics, phrasing, and a little into the piece it gets more cautious, like stepping onto stepping-stones while looking down ino the gigantic rushing river below. Overall I think this is a very well composed piece, and the ballet that goes with it.

  39. Listening Log Post

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 22 in E flat
    Composer: Mozart

    A lullaby-sort of start. Delightfully bouncy, dainty, quiet, sometimes loud, reassuring, and, in spite of the loudness, gentle in a way. This piece has a wonderful swaying, memorable, loud, strong, and beautiful melody. Sounds like a more peaceful and pretty Red Riding Hood skipping along the pathway…no wolves, just flowers and birds and joy…the piano creates the terrific dainty feeling. Or it could be a honeymoon….a couple dancing on the moonlit deck, face shining, eyes twinkling, candles flickering, dresses twirling, joyfully dancing. Hand-in-hand, dreamily looking into each other’s eyes on a peaceful, still, wonderfully silent night. Love the emotion <3 <3 <3

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat
    Composer: Mozart

    A beautiful, dainty start. A little more into the piece it sound like you are walking on air. Jumping, skipping, dancing into the sky, climbing the invisible steps, arriving at the wonderful, golden sun, prancing round it, rejoicing, singling, laughing with glee. Now the sun is setting, you dance out of sight, Your shadow is still seen, your dress is still twirling, but you head off to sleep just like the sun.

    I think this is a wonderful piece because it is full of emotion and, well, happiness. They should really put some of Mozart's pieces in those Disney movies. Would make them more realistic and dramatic, it seems to me.

  40. Listening Log Post

    Title: Symphony No. 25 in G minor
    Composer: Mozart

    Begins very grandly, with a hint of mystery. Sounds like a robber slinking along the walls of a shadowed building like a weasel. Then it changes and begins a quite vigorous dance in the midst of the king. Apparently several talented ballerinas are twirling around on an expertly decorated and designed stage, while his Majesty sits on his fancy throne, nodding, smiling, rubbing his chin. The violin players are in action; with them it sounds sweet and sad. Very emotional. Awesome dynamics, and it is the fast, quick, brief notes and the phrasing that gives it a happy feeling. It doesn’t sound sad at all. Is it really G minor, I wonder? Anyway, great job, Mozart! 😛

    Title: Symphony No. 38
    Composer: Mozart

    An opening like the repeated banging of a drum. A depressing chord. A flicker of a soft touch of hope. Repeated sad chimes of music. This is a spectacular beginning of a piece. It makes you feel happy, sad, pitiful, and somewhat terrified at places. It is dainty, recklessly tramping, and powerfully haughty and grand. The dynamics are excellent in the “grand” places, with a HUGE contrast with the daintiness. A great piece, lots of emotion, lots of feeling. Played well. Flawlessly, actually. Well DONE! 🙂

  41. Henry Jackman, John Powell & Hans Zimmer
    Kung Fu Piano: Cello Ascends – The Piano Guys (Wonder of The World 1 of 7)
    Powerful, and beautiful. Expressed beautifully. Lots of emotion, and a good strings cover of the song from Kung fu panda.

    Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances, – No. 1. Jocul cu bata: Molto moderato, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
    Heavy, with strong accents. The is a playful, mischievous, wind instrument that plays solo. All together strong. The last movement is full of bright energy. It gets faster as it goes along. becoming more springy to the end.

  42. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Divertimento in D Major, K.136 – III.Presto
    Composer: Mozart
    Performer: Seiji Ozawa (Conductor)

    It starts out really quiet and then surprises me with forte. It does this many times. I think it is some kind of replay of a memory that was joyful and fun. The music talks of many adventures like chasing other friends or sneaking up on them. The conductor was very expressive in his conducting. It would probably earned a chuckle but I think it was great way to signal and express the different phrases. The violinists were fantastic and were very accurate since it was such a fast piece.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Carmen Suite No.2 – Habanera
    Composer: Georges Bizet
    Performer: Alfred Scholz (Conductor) London Festival Orchestra

    It’s a slow and very bouncy piece, with a few surprises here and there. It’s a more calming piece then my first listening log, and shorter. I think its some kind of slow and bouncy waltz but very joyful and calming. It reminds me more of someone who is very tired and then suddenly wakes up by a noise and then repeats.

  43. LL Week 20 
    Title: La Campanella  
    Composer: Paganini/ Liszt 
    Performer(s): Valentina Lisitsa 
    Starts out very quiet, kind of jumpy, not super though.  Then becomes very quiet, but not inaudible, then turns more dramatic, almost angry, then becomes quiet and slow.  Then becomes kind of angry again, but turns excited and loud. Then turns very dramatic and sounds like someone trying to outrun something. Ends very loud, harsh.  Made me feel excited.  Good expression and dynamics.  
    Title: Star Wars Theme 
    Composer: John Williams 
    Performer(s): Boston Pops 
    Starts out very dramatic, then turns gentle, but still ominous.  Then turns bad, probably thinking about Darth Vader.  Then turns back to the same “good” theme, but then turns very ominous and quiet.  Then sounds like someone good is arriving again, with the same good feeling.  Then turns into what sounds like a battle, with marching in the background.  Then becomes kind of like a finale, with both good and bad sounds to it.  Made me feel happy and scared.  Great expression and dynamics. 

  44. LL Week 19: 
    Title:  Marosszek Dances 
    Composer: Zoltan Kodaly 
    Performer(s): Montreal Symphony Orchestra 
    Starts out very quiet, gentle, then becomes tense, then turns ominous and dramatic.  Turns back to gentle, sweet.  Then gradually builds to more dramatic, and turns sad.  Stays sad, but then turns flitty and quick.  Made me feel mixed emotions, happy, then anxious, then sad, and then excited.  great expression, really felt the emotions, and had great dynamics. 
    Title: Romance Violin 
    Composer:  Schumann 
    Performer(s): ??? 
    Very sweet, gentle, not much change in the mood, sounded kinda sad.  Probably p to mf in dynamics, good expression, really got me into the mood, made me feel sad. 

  45. Mozart
    sonata in c major k545
    This full sonata is filled with bright, melodies in cheerful majors. Each part is so lively, as if trying to make you happy and some dance. The music makes you sway with the bright, flowing rhythms.

    Rachel Platten
    This is your fight song

    A marching beat, to start such a peaceful, strong song. Is starts with a small melody, quiet and slightly unsure, trying to make a statement. As the price goes, the what seems like a voice is strong with power and lots of emotions being used to make such strong song. The nearing the end of the edited and changed peice, it is accompanied with Grace. It ends with a powerful ending statement to tell everybody that they are strong.

  46. LL Week 18 
    Title: Invention #2 in C minor 
    Composer: Bach 
    Performer(s): Cory Hall 
    Very simple, good phrasing, sounded like someone was walking and then running, and then walking again.  has a series of crescendos and decrescendos, but nothing super dramatic.  Made me feel tired. 
    Title: Arabesque 
    Composer: Schumann 
    Performer(s): Kissin 
    Starts out moderately happy, then turns to sad and quiet.  gentle throughout.  Then becomes really sad and quiet, almost fading away. Returns to happy mood, and then turns minor for a little again.  Then ends sad.  Very good expression, dynamics.  really made me feel the emotions.  Made me feel happy, then made me feel kinda cloudy, then happy again. 

  47. LL Week 17: 
    Title: Sonatina Op. 20 No. 3, in F Major, for Piano, 3rd Mvt “Alla Polacca” 
    Composer: Friedrich Kuhlau 
    Performer(s): Salvatore Nicolosi 
    Very gentle, happy, sounds like a waltz, then becomes minor and sad, then turns happy and excited again.  Made me feel happy, then sad, and then happy again.  Could have had better expression and dynamics, but they weren’t bad. 
    Title: Sinfonia No. 6 
    Composer: Bach 
    Performer(s):  Laurent Penalva Onteniente 
    Quick, short, not very much expression of the voices.  I listened to another recording of the piece by Andras Schiff and there was a lot more expression.  Other than that, it was a very pretty piece and I enjoyed listening to it.  Made me feel happy and excited. 

  48. LL Week 14 
    Title: Piano Concerto in D Major 3rd Movement 
    Composer: Haydn 
    Performer(s): Michelle Qiu  
    Starts off very happy, excited, major, then becomes minor for a little, then returns to major.  Then becomes a little dramatic, and then has some trills that make it major and quick.  then becomes minor and kind of dramatic.  Ends on a very dramatic octave set.  Made me happy, then sad, and then tense.  Great expression, dynamics, and phrasing. 
    Title: Sinfonia No. 7 in E minor 
    Composer: Bach 
    Performer(s): ??? 
    Very sad, reminds me of a rainy day.  becomes a little more intense towards the middle.  Then turns a little sadder towards the end.  Made me feel sad.  Pretty good expression, could have done a little more phrasing though. 

  49. LL Week 13 
    Title: Concerto in D Major, 1st movement 
    Composer: Haydn 
    Performer(s): Sofja Gulbadamova 
    Starts out happy, very excited. Then changes a little, a little sad, but still has undertones of happiness.  Then turns dramatic, but then returns to less dramatic happy state.  Then the orchestra plays and the mood turns minor, and then there are some octaves that make the piece sound major again.  Then becomes very dramatic.  Then turns major and less dramatic, but returns to the octaves and then ends very loud and dramatically.  Great expression and dynamics.  Made me feel happy, then sad, and then happy again.  You could really feel the expression as the performer was playing through the piece.  
    Title: Concerto in D Major, 2nd movement 
    Composer: Haydn 
    Performer(s): Sofja Gulbadamova 
    Starts off kind of sad, quiet, possibly building up to something, much slower and more sad than the first movement. Starts building up to the orchestra. Then has a few major moments, but immediately returns to minor. Great expression and phrasing. Made me feel sad and tired.

  50. Title: Piano Concerto No. 1
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Yuja Wang

    A grand opening–with cellos and trumpets…I think! xD The phrasing and dynamics are superb. The music is empowering. A superhero strutting down the road….? No, it’s a more ominous feeling….Spiderman shooting himself from building to building! Yes! And–oop! Now the sinister sound is totally washed away by a sudden and powerful sweep of joyfully grand melody. A great piece!

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 1 in G major
    Composer: Mendelssohn
    Performer: Yuja Wang (I <3 her! s2 s2 s2 s2)

    Sinister…ominous….then more grand, with just a hint of menace. Wow, it's faster than I expected! How did Yuja ever manage to move her fingers so fast? They are literally blurs on the screen! And now all the haughtiness is gone. Just pure sweetness now. This is the first Mendelssohn I've ever watched (probably because it's especially hard to spell), and I think it's great 🙂

  51. Listening Log Post

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 1
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Yuja Wang

    A grand opening–with cellos and trumpets…I think! xD The phrasing and dynamics are superb. The music is empowering. A superhero strutting down the road….? No, it’s a more ominous feeling….Spiderman shooting himself from building to building! Yes! And–oop! Now the sinister sound is totally washed away by a sudden and powerful sweep of joyfully grand melody. A great piece!

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 1 in G major
    Composer: Mendelssohn
    Performer: Yuja Wang (I <3 her! s2 s2 s2 s2)

    Sinister…ominous….then more grand, with just a hint of menace. Wow, it's faster than I expected! How did Yuja ever manage to move her fingers so fast? They are literally blurs on the screen! And now all the haughtiness is gone. Just pure sweetness now. This is the first Mendelssohn I've ever watched (probably because it's especially hard to spell), and I think it's great 🙂

  52. Listening Log Post 😛

    Title: Moonlight Sonata
    Composer: Beethoven

    A pang of moroseness at first, followed by a sad-sweet melody. Sometimes there are “sad” chords, sometimes “happy” ones. This piece makes you feel calm and collected. Perhaps something they would play at a funeral. It’s sad enough to fit the mood, but it is also somewhat enlightening and reassuring, something that would make you feel better about your loss.

    Title: Sonata No. 29
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer: Yuja Wang

    Extremely different from the Moonlight Sonata– it begins with a number of joyful chords! The phrasing is quite evident, but it sounds a little too bangy. There are quite a lot of high notes, which leads me to think of a tiny fairy clad in a luxurious pink silk gauze, flittering about the silver-lined clouds with her fragile, beautifully translucent butterfly-like wings and magical, sparkly wand in hand. On she flies, stopping once in a while on an especially white and poofy cloud then flies along, her dainty slippered feet practically skipping along in the air. On and on she flies–the conspicuous articulation makes it a bumpy ride–until she reaches Fairyland.
    Oh, how gorgeously superb it is! What lavish decorations! The whole town looks as if it is preparing for some important party! And so it is. The Princess is holding a feast and a ball. Look! The table is set! Steak, delicious green beans topped with the crunch of roast almonds, steaming-hot baked potatoes with butter, irresistible fried chicken legs, yummy pancakes lined with syrup, sprinkled with blueberries with a chunk of butter on top, tasty-looking fried rice with carrots, peas, eggs, and sausage, and a ginormous bowl of fresh salad filled with freshly-picked lettuce, a dot of vinegar, salt, pepper, cranberries, raisins, croutons, and cheese! And for desert, there is a gigantic chocolate cake with strawberry frosting and decorative candies as big as an adult! . After the fairies had eaten, they go on with dancing. Oh, the glorious silk gauzes all twirling around! The feet hardly ever touching the ground, the beautiful, silky hair flowing about, gloved hands gracefully holding onto her partner!
    Now the music isn’t so festive anymore, so now I suppose night is falling. One fairy yawns, and another, and another. The Princess calls it a night. Everywhere fairies can be seen heading to bed. The sun slowly descends from its proud position in the sky. It grows dark; the moon and stars say hello, the sun yawns a goodbye. Gradually all the lights in the mushroom-huts go out. ,. . And finally, this fairyland town falls deep into slumber.

  53. Listening Log Post ;D

    Title: Symphony No. 6
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performers: Seoul Phil Orchestra

    Mysterious and ominous. It’s as if a dark, bold, treacherous Chinese Dragon is lurking in dark, black water, then unexpectedly bursts out with its fierce roar, its nostrils angrily blowing out puffs of fiery smoke. And a brave knight–a warrior–marches fearlessly towards the monstrous beast–flags waving, swords clinking, horses’ hooves padding, battle cries resonating, the whole army marching. And since the music turns suddenly peaceful, what happened is probably the Dragon felt moved by the knight’s boldness and slinks back into the water, now limpid. And roses start falling from the sky! Dawn breaks, and shouts of victory are heard everywhere. But wait…no, a storm is brewing! What a few seconds later…oops! No, that’s just the delicate, pleasant, refreshing spring breeze. And the sun bursts out magnificently, showering its warmth everywhere. Bluebirds flutter, butterflies flit. The harshness and cruelty of winter turns into spring! Before the army was on the cold, hard ice. But now they find themselves on a green, rolling hill with a pasture in the corner. Brilliant shades of pink, red, gold….vines drooping…ahh, and the knight seats himself on a warm stone. I am getting in the mood, you know, like a lullaby, and the beautiful music settles down and quiets. Now, I am about to fall asleep when…..BLAM! The sudden bolt of lightning LITERALLY SCARES ME. Dark clouds flash across the sky. The knight leaps up. Rain pelts down. And down and down and down……..and done. Flood washed away everything. I kinda hoped there was a happy ending, though.

    Title: Violin Concerto in D minor
    Composer: Sibelius
    Performer: Sarah Chang

    A sorrowful note pierces the air. The first violinist is playing! Quick, sharp notes are the only sounds heard. Quite a sad piece, this is! A grand, swaying motion, but it soon clears up….grand, bouncy, and in a way, arrogant.

  54. Listening Log Post 😉

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 25 in C major
    Composer: Mozart
    Performer: Mitsuko Uchinda

    BAM! Quite a grand opening, with plenty of joyful chords. Almost immediately the violins and cellos join. There are trumpets, too. But when the piano comes in, it contributes more harmony and excitement to the piece. It’s like a ball with a band in the corner. Everyone’s dancing…especially Cinderella and her Prince Charming. But overall, this piece is quite invigorating.

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 13 in C Major
    Composer: Mozart
    Performer: Mitsuko Uchinda

    It is a very sweet piece. In some parts it is soft an quick, maybe like a ballerina running a race XD. But when it’s strong and briliant, it sound more like George Washington on his horse galloping around and saving everybody.

  55. Saint-Saëns
    Saint-Saëns: The Swan (Cello and Piano) – Brooklyn Duo
    This calm peice is perfect for what is was composed for: ballet. With a high tension point , and right after it is where is all comes spiraling down.

    Piano guys
    Indiana Jones Rocks Petra with this Arabian Classical Remix! – The Piano Guys
    The peice has a mysterious biggining and along with a interesting remix.

  56. LL week 12

    Title: Concerto #1 in g minor third movement
    Composer: Mendelssohn
    Performer: Ilya Yakushev

    Very fun, playful, happy, then becomes even more exited and happy. Has very good character, and expression, made me feel jumpy and excited.

    Title: A Little Story
    Composer: Prokofiev
    Performer: Dr. Alan Huckleberry

    Sad, sounds like a rainy day, grey, good phrasing, ok expression. Made me feel unhappy.

  57. LL Post for week 11

    Title: Piano Concerto #1 in g minor first movement
    Composer: Mendelssohn
    Performer(s): Ilya Yakshuev

    Starts off very dramatic, angry, fierce, then becomes sweeter, but definitely keeps you on your toes. Then, very unexpectedly, becomes dramatic again. Made me feel anxious and jumpy. Great phrasing and expression.

    Title: Piano Concerto #1 in g minor second movement
    Composer: Mendelssohn
    Performer(s): Ilya Yakshuev

    Very gentle, slow and sweet, sad, has occasional drama. Made me feel sad and tired. Had great expression and phrasing.

  58. Tchaikovsky
    Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake – Piano arrangement
    This piano peice, arrangement, has multiple different dynamics, and many broken chords to make a specific part of a peice much more dramatic. While the original way this peice was composed was mostly quiet, this had a larg vrarity of dynamics.

    Carol of the Bells – Amazing Piano Solo – David Hicken
    This peice starts very tender, and slightly unsure. Then is suddenly changes to a strong, but not very loud part of the familiar peice. Sounding much more sure. There is a mix of other Christmas carols such as We wish you a merry Christmas. That, the peice is switched back to the original tune of the Christmas carol.

  59. The best way to hammer a nail in one stroke is, to lift it up high but, strike the nail as well. First I would tap it one or two times to set it in place. Then to practice where the nail is. Lift up and let gravity to do the rest.

  60. Listening Log Post 😛

    Title: Concerto No. 3
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer: Mitsuko Uchida

    Grand–the trumpets make it grand–and beautiful melody. There are clarinets and violins and cellos and flutes and drums and french horns and a piano, all of which contribute to making the piece AMAZING. The dynamics are clear, not bangy at all, and Mitsuko taps her fingertips expertly. There is a gorgeous, swaying motion of the piece–it’s so like a cheerful lullaby that I could fall asleep with this thing, my computer and the music and me.

    Title: Symphony No. 9 4th movement
    Composer: Beethoven

    Quick, fast bits, but there are also slow, long ones. it is quite plain, it is true, with not so much expression in it, but this piece has a beauty all of its on, for it’s Ode to Joy, and even the familiar notes, however impassive, are enough to make me smile. Although there is not much change in the dynamic and phrasing, the articulation is still satisfactory.

  61. Listening Log Post 😀

    Title: Violin Concerto in D major, op. 35
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Joshua Bell

    Sweetness. Just pure sweetness at the beginning. There is no other word I can use. It’s sort of like an angel emerging from glorious silver-lined clouds, therefore filling the earth with warmth and sunshine. Then many other angels join him, but bringing their harps and flutes and trumpets with them, and filling the atmosphere with sweet, glorious, heavenly music. Then everyone cranes their heads through the windows to see–what a sight! this band of musicians heartily blowing on their flutes, lovingly stroking their harps, and enthusiastically making their golden trumpets sing! I can literally see the musical rainbows bursting everywhere, obliging people to get out and prance and dance and sing, as the wonderful dynamics and grand chords and phrasing and encouraging spirit urges them on. Then for a time the earth is full of lively spirit and joy, and the people’s minds are deprived of their worries and troubles.

    Title: Violin Concerto in E minor
    Composer: Mendelssohn
    Performer: Hilary Hahn

    As quick as a wink, the first violin player begins. The sweet, rapping melody escapes from her violin, flows through my computer screen, and suffuses every corner and crevice of my home. There is a jumpy tune, and the excellent articulation makes the sound clear and resonant. This piece is similar to the one above, but this time I imagined a lovely, magnificent dance with graceful, careful, slow turns and swings of the dress at the soft and sweet places, and an energetic waltz between a couple at the vigorous places. They would be prancing about the ballroom with delight, the girl’s feet hardly ever touching the floor, her pink-laced, diaphanous dress floating and twirling behind her. Then, at a very enthusiastic moment, the groom would seize his new wife’s waist, thrust her into the air, while the woman’s picturesque gown is constantly flitting, grab hold of her slim legs, and make her do an exuberant and boisterous leap in midair.

  62. Listening Log Post 🙂

    Title: Cello Concerto No. 1 in G minor
    Composer: Kabalevsky

    There is a deep, resonant, low swaying and swing tune at first. There is a touch of mysteriousness, and the notes are extremely clear, and the dynamics and phrasing are far from subtle. This piece is beautifully expressed. I imagine this just simply as an opera singer singing a glorious, lovely, fantastic song, while the instruments accompany her in the back round. It’s as if the deep, melodious music is washing over me like soft, rolling waves, infusing me with the gorgeous feeling of the delicate notes.

    Title: Violin Concerto in C Major, Op. 48
    Composer: Kabalevsky

    Majestic trumpets introduce us to the piece. What I think is clarinets play a quick, rushing, racing, catchy tune that mingle with the violins. Although this piece is in C Major, there is a sort of sad melody to it, sort of bittersweet. The bitter-sweetness mingle with the harmonious, joyful tunes. As we get more into the piece the music sounds more like the music you would hear at an amusement park–joyful, playful, and exhilarating. But at other junctures it sounds like a sort of quick ballet, or merely a violin race. The dynamics and phrasing are exceptional. The violins do very good articulation. Great piece Kabalevsky!

  63. Euphima
    The celebrated chop waltz
    This is a lightly patterned peice with with a grand glissando. The light and soft patterns of the left hand accompany the light and lively melody by giving it a jumpy little background.

    Piano guys
    “Silent Night” ft. Plácido Domingo -The Piano Guys #ASaviorIsBorn
    The man singing with a deep, melodic and the rest of the piano guys playing together and the singing all had a soothing tone. The low notes, pull at you telling you “go to sleep.”

  64. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Prelude No. 1
    Composer: Gershwin
    Performer: Zimmerman

    Comments: clear sound.very jazzy feel. It’s jumpy and exciting and energetic and dancy. Great phrasing. Clean and great technique. This piece wakes me up.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Prelude 2
    Composer: Gershwin
    Performer: Zimmerman

    Comments: The piece is pretty much completely quiet. Very relaxing. Sounds like the music in bars or fancy restaurants. I think Zimmerman plays it with a swing or just using an extreme amount of rubato. I like how he does so much phrasing but everything is still In the piano zone. Great delicate sound.

    Listening Log Post 3

    Title: Prelude No. 3
    Composer: Gershwin
    Performer: Zimmerman

    Comments: I didn’t really like the beginning because it was a bit draggy but it got more energetic and fun. I think the middle section was way too fast and he should show the chords of the middle section more. Great technique and articulation and phrasing. Great sound quality.

  65. Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 Op.11 Evgeny Kissin
    Starts out like the start of an adventure, feels like someone is traveling, gets all the problems, solves them, has a climax where the piece is fortississimo, and lowers again to end the piece, like a happily ever after. Phrasing and dynamics are unique, and Evgeny gives his own little touch to the piece which I really liked and think that it would be nice to have your own. Thanks!

  66. Beethoven
    Fur Elise
    A calm peice that flows with the rhythm. The smooth peice has a sudden quick tempo in the middle of it creating a ‘wake up’ effect.

    The story of my life (One Direction – piano/cello cover) – piano guys
    The cover by the piano guys has a uplifting melody. Strong and powerful, the melody is and interesting peice. The music is very soft and soothing, then a tidal wave of sound hide you.

  67. Title: Flute Sonata #276 in C Minor, QV 1:18
    Composer: Johann Joachim Quantz
    Performer: Verena Fischer, Klaus-Dieter Brandt, Léon Berben

    There are three movements, the first being upbeat, excited, quick, and like a dance. Great expression. Made me feel happy. The second movement is a little bit unhappier and slower, but not sad. Sounds like birds in the fall, getting ready to leave, but still singing. Does sound like singing. Again really good expression. Made me feel not as happy as the first, but still pretty happy. The third movement is happy again, a lot faster than the first and second movements. Sounds incredibly happy, even more than the first, like birds in the spring or people in those “perfect” worlds. Made me feel overjoyed.

    Title: Novelette, Op. 21 #1 in F Major
    Composer: Robert Schumann
    Performer: Andras Schiff

    Starts out like a march, then turns into a dance, which, of course is quieter and much more gentle. Very expressive. Then repeats the switch again, only this time the dance isn’t as quiet. Then has the march/ dance repetition. At the end, very god ending, really ties it all together. Great expression overall. Made me feel happy the whole time.

  68. For the week of Oct. 31st

    Title: Trio Sonata “La Follia” in D Minor RV63
    Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
    Performer: Hesperion XXI

    Sounds like a sad time at first, then becomes happier, like the change between winter and spring. Then becomes even happier, like summer. Sounds like a waltz as well. Then becomes a little more sad again, then much more sad then before. Cheers up a bit towards the end, and ends up sounding like a waltz. Great expression, dynamics. Made me have mixed emotions, from sad to happy, then a mixture of both.

    Title: Keyboard Sonata K380
    Composer: Domenico Scarlatti
    Performer: Vadim Chaimovich

    Lots of trills, very upbeat, some scale passages, sounds like a dance in the middle, very good expression, dynamics, articulation. I can’t name what, but it sounded different from other Scarlatti that I’ve heard played. Made me feel very happy.

  69. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Tom and Jerry Show
    Composer: Hiromi Uehara
    Performer: Hiromi Uehara

    Comments: Very exciting and crazy piece. It really sounds like perfect music for the tom and Jerry show. Great phrasing and expression and technique. The interesting notes combined to make nice chords.clear sound.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Sonata op2 no1
    Performer:Daniel Barenboim

    Comments: Very exciting and upbeat. Delicate sound and good phrasing and dynamics. Very clear and expressive. Sounds more like something an orchestra would play.

  70. Coldplay
    Viva la viva – instrumental cover
    This insturmental cover has a very interesting twist in the original song. Two violins and two guitars, there is a acustic guitar and violin and a electric violin and guitar. The electric violin has a strange matalic sound adding the twist.

    Canon in D by Pachelbel (Vetta Quartet from Singapore)
    A classic canon known by basically every classical musician. This peice made me feel at peace with a beautiful melody.

  71. First Piece:
    Composer:Felix Mendelssohn
    Title:Wedding March, S. 410
    Performer:Arcadi Volodos

    Comments:I think that this piece is very loud and grand and has a melody that is easily remembered.

    Second Piece
    Title:Time Lapse

    Comments:To me this piece reminded me of some older video games. Some of the sounds are very similar or almost just the same. I see it interesting that I am able to point out all of the sounds and sort of know where the come from.

    1. You really got an ear for styles in music, Thomas! I like your self reflection on your own growing ability to hear “where the sounds come from”

  72. Title: The Queen of Spades: Overture
    Composer: Franz von Suppé
    Performer: Montreal Symphony Orchestra

    Starts out sweet, then has a dramatic crescendo. Becomes gentle, then repeats sweetness and dramatic crescendo. Then becomes dance-like. Becomes very intense, like a villain or scary person walks in. Then turns into a dance again, then becomes quiet and sounds like bees (that could just be sound quality. Then turns towards sounding like a spring day, but then a thunderstorm rolls in. It ends sweetly. Made me feel a mixed set of emotions: first happy, then afraid, and then happy again, then unhappy, and then happy again.

    Title: Etude, Op 10 No. 3
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Lang Lang

    Gentle, quiet, lots of expression, you can really feel it, then becomes intense, dramatic, explosive, then returns to the gentle state. Very expressive, with great dynamics. Made me feel tired, then bolted upright, then sleepy again.

  73. For the week of Oct. 23

    Title: The Queen of Spades: Overture
    Composer: Franz von Suppé
    Performer: Montreal Symphony Orchestra

    Starts out sweet, then has a dramatic crescendo. Becomes gentle, then repeats sweetness and dramatic crescendo. Then becomes dance-like. Becomes very intense, like a villain or scary person walks in. Then turns into a dance again, then becomes quiet and sounds like bees (that could just be sound quality. Then turns towards sounding like a spring day, but then a thunderstorm rolls in. It ends sweetly. Made me feel a mixed set of emotions: first happy, then afraid, and then happy again, then unhappy, and then happy again.

    Title: Etude, Op 10 No. 3
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Lang Lang

    Gentle, quiet, lots of expression, you can really feel it, then becomes intense, dramatic, explosive, then returns to the gentle state. Very expressive, with great dynamics. Made me feel tired, then bolted upright, then sleepy again.

  74. Title: Etude 33
    Composer: Czerny
    Performer: Marcela

    Quiet, calm, and in some way, sad. Extremely expressive. I love the dynamic and phrasing.

    Title: Etude No. 23
    Composer: Czerny
    Performer: Katerina

    A swaying, grand, bouncy tune, however I think she can make it even more bouncier. Even though she made a few slips, she kept sturdy and went on playing. I love it!

    1. What a great idea to give comments to your own peers during recital! Thank you for doing it, Evangelina. This is a very true way to support fellow students, and to share your love for music

  75. Title: Prelude
    Composer: B. Dvarionas
    Performer: Joel

    It sounds sort of like a cross between mystery and happiness. The rhythm is nice, but I think Joel can put a little bit more phrasing.

    Title: Hochzeitstag auf Troldhaugen
    Composer: Grieg
    Performer: Carina

    Light, bouncy, great phrasing and dynamics, sounds like a delightful dance at a ball. Sometimes it sounds mysterious; other times it sounds absolutely stunning and gorgeous. There are big chords and an excellent use of pedal.

    1. Evangelina, I love your insightful and encouraging comments on your fellow Studio members’ performances! I am sending links to your comments to the parents of the students who you mentioned, I am sure both students and parents will appreciate very much your putting your heart in this. Wonderful job, brilliant idea!

  76. Title: Sonatina Op. 36 No. 5
    Composer: Kuhlau
    Performer: Wesley

    A bouncy, joyful, melody, sort of like a stroll on a sunny day. I love the dynamics and beautiful, clear notes. Very good playing!

    Title: Germer Volume 1 #14 Allegro
    Composer: Czerney
    Performer: Justin

    Light and bouncy, sounds sort of bouncy, very well played. Short but beautiful. There is a sort of joyous tune to the melody.

  77. Listening Log Post

    Title: From A Wigwam
    Composer: ?
    Performer: Harry

    “Mysterious” chords, articulation is nice. A very short piece, but played well.

    Title: Rigaudon
    Composer: Goedke
    Performer: Emily
    Beautiful melody, sounds like a sort of nice waltz. Dynamics and phrasing are nice.

    1. I love how you find something truthfully positive in the quality of playing even by youngest beginner kids. You are a very keen observer, Evangelina, and you are looking to good qualities, combining it with giving helpful suggestions! Brilliant

  78. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Code Name Vivaldi
    Composer: The Piano Guys
    Performer: The Piano Guys

    It starts out very mysterious. But then everything disappears. And then suddenly you are getting chased by the the enemy. As you wait for them in your workspace, where you decrypt codes from the other side, your heart beats faster and faster. You work furiously as you hear them unlocking your doors. You run out the back door with the encrypted message, Vivaldi… you run faster knowing all might not be lost if you reached them in time to tell them…

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Moonlight
    Composer: The Piano Guys
    Performer: The Piano Guys

    It starts out like moonlight dancing on the burning ice. The moonlight is beautiful on the glittering ice. The music just wants me to pour out my soul into it. It show so much much emotion, and kind of makes me want to just tell everyone what I am feeling right now.

  79. Post 1
    W. A. Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G minor Molto allegro
    The Chamber Orchestra of Europe
    Conductor – Nicolaus Harnoncourt
    Comments: This Piece is very energetic and very nice to listen to.
    It sounds very quiet at times and sometimes it is a little bit louder

    Post 2

    Pirate Dance Machine – Kraken
    Kraken Pirate dance machine
    Composer: F-777
    Comments: This pice is very interesting because it uses very diverse set of instruments then usual. It is very fast pace.

    1. Wonderful choices to bring in other genres, Thomas! And yes, the diversity of instruments in the piece is very unique. Any chance you may list which ones you can detect?

  80. Listening Log Post

    Title: A Little Prank
    Composer: Kabalevsky
    Performer: Jessica, 7

    Light, bouncy, and in a way, sneaky. The piece is high-pitched, and it sounds just the way you would expect the background music in a movie to sound like when the main character steals a cookie from the cookie jar on the shelf. Great articulation.

    Title: Winter Morning
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Rhyan Shweyk

    Very grand and mysterious, like snow swirling in the air. I think this piece should be played more softly, but then again, I have never played it before. I love the phrasing, dynamics, and articulation. Fantastic use of pedal, and there are hardly any accents.

  81. Listening Log Post

    Title: The Chase
    Composer: Kabalevsky
    Performer: Craig Lynch

    Moderate tempo, mysterious, and bouncy. I think Craig has to play it a bit quicker for it to really be a “chase.” But I like the mystery of it all.

    Title: The New Doll
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Adelle Murphy

    Sounds sweet and bouncy, and has a bittersweet tune to it. It has a repeating melody. When I listened to this piece, I thought it sounded like a marionette’s walk.

    1. Wonderful, insightful! You read the performer’s intentions very well, how the change of tempo is done to bring out something in the piece.

  82. Listening Log Post

    Title: Sonatina Op. 55 No. 4 “Alla Polacca”
    Composer: Kuhlau
    Performer: Samuel Madewell, 11

    Very quick, fast, & bouncy. Could be a little less bangy, and it feels sort of rushed. Although there is a slip here and there, Samuel played well overall.

    Title: Minuet in G major
    Composer: Bach
    Performer: ?

    Played very well, very good rhythm. However I feel that the fingers are sort of “sticking” to the keys. There is not much phrasing either, but it has a joyful tune to it.

    1. I am very impressed with your comments on students’ playing, from our Studio or from outside! Very keen observations, good pointing out of some “slips” and other points which need improvement, and I like how you always manage to find something very good and point that out, too!

  83. Listening Log Post

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 2
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Rubenstein

    Very bouncy with the drums and trumpets at first. The violins create rather a peaceful melody. When Rubenstein plays, his fingers are light and bouncy and fit in with the tune. It gets quiet later, but bounces right back up again at the end. Wha a piece!

    Listening Log Post

    Title: The Sick Doll
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: pticonful

    Very expressive, slow, and quiet, but at the same time beautifully played. The dynamics and phrasing are obvious, but not too bangy. It sounds like a lullaby, especially when it is helped with the pedal.

    1. Great balance in your choices for Listening Log, Evangelina! I like how you approach the assignment in a very thoughtful way, combining some world famous performers with watching your own pieces played by others

  84. Listening Log Post

    Title: Playing Ball
    Composer: Kabalevsky
    Performer: Craig Lynch

    Great dynamics, I love the bounciness and light touch of each finger. I could hear the phrasing, and this really sounded like someone was playing ball!

    Listening Log Post

    Title: Cello Suite No. 1
    Composer: Bach
    Performer: Mischa Maisky

    A nice, hollow, low melody, beautiful, swaying, phrasing, and expertly kept on beat. Some higher and lower notes are spotted around the piece, but mostly this is a graceful, joyful tune. Very well played, Mischa!

    1. You found my absolutely favorite cellist, Misha Maisky! He has the kind of tone and way to express the musical meaning and passion through phrasing which makes his playing absolutely outstanding and unique. i can recognize his recording after just hearing a few bars:)

  85. J.S. Bach
    Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G major
    Freiburger Barockorchester
    This Concerto of three movements, has a fast, quick pace in the first two movements. The first movement has a very repetitive melody with a solid beat. The second movement is a short, adagio, slow tempo and a movement that doesn’t last very long. The third movement has a light, fast, quick tempo. The harpsichord that accompanies the orchestra has an interesting affect on the movements.

    Christina Perri, David Hodges
    One thousand Years
    Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson
    A peceful song played by the piano guys, a soothing song. Wonderfully expressed by Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson.

    1. Great attention to colors of sounds, Victoria! You are so right about the harpsichord adding a very special color to the overall orchestra sounds

  86. Title: Eine kleine Nacthtmusic, Romance
    Composer: Motzart
    Performer: ???
    Comments: This pice is very calm and quiet, it is also very slow and flowing.

    Title : Final Battle
    Composer: Waterflame
    Performer: Waterflame
    Comments: This piece is very interesting and uses some synthesized instruments. The beginning sounds like someone is trying to fight against someone and at the end it sounds like someone is trying to build something.

    1. It’s a great idea to bring in music from all kinds of styles, origins, purposes, I appreciate you finding these examples of great music which isn’t officially “classical”

  87. Listening Log Post
    Title: Etude op10 no 12
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: pollino
    Comments: extremely powerful. Starts out with a big passage that sounds like a superhero super speed running. Great finger work and technique. I can really hear the melody. Good phrasing and dynamics too. At the end the piece finally quieta down but then the last passage and chords are like octofortisimo and very powerful.

  88. Listening Log Post
    Title: Caprice no. 5
    Composer: Paganini
    Performer: itzhak perlman
    Comments:starts out forte and allegro. Great sound and phrasing. It goes up and down and up and down. Then the piece starts getting extremely fast. The phrases all have the same phrasing structure, soft loud soft but all sound different. This piece reminds me of A dramatic Mickey Mouse cartoon where he runs on top of buses in Japan and gets thrown up into the air 5000 feet but still lands perfectly on a car.

    1. Great job picking truly wonderful recordings to watch! You have a real feel for an expert, profound musicianship, Michelle! Maurizio Pollini is one of the most trusted Chopin stylists, you can’t go wrong with watching his performances, so is Itzhak Perlman.

  89. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Flight of the bumblebee percussion style
    Composer:Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
    Performer: Evelyn glennie

    Comments: first of all, she is deaf yet she plays so fast and so clearly. Great sound quality and dynamics. I don’t see how it’s possible to play so well when you can’t hear. The piece sounds like bees in a flying competition.

    1. Thank you for posting, Michelle. This woman is an unbelievably amazing musician! I recommend to everyone to watch the TED talk about listening to music and sound which she gave a few years ago. Tremendous insight, absolutely contagiously expressive musician.

  90. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: All of me
    Composer: John Schmidt
    Performer: John Schimdt

    It starts out bit slow, good for me to let the music sink inside of me. Its cheery and fun in the beginning. Light like a trickling stream then turning into a river that runs smoothly. Which turns into a rocky river, then a giant waterfall. It ends with me finally splashing into the water.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Für Elise
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer: Georgii Cherkin

    I like the texture the Orchestra brings in. It isn’t played very well. He doesn’t show much expression and phrasing that he could make me fall asleep! In the video it looks like he is distracted by something. But it makes me in a sad and gloomy kind of mood after I listened and watched “All of me” which was very joyful.

    1. Interesting version of Fur Elise, Jocelyn! I agree that the performance seems restricted and “sleepy”. About the pianist seeming distracted: he is actually looking a few times at orchestra players and conductor to make sure everyone stays together at some moments when the tempo changes. He is not quite being “distracted”, but rather acting as a good ensemble player.

  91. Title: Donauweibchen op.427 (Danube Maiden)
    Composer: Johann Strauss II
    Performer(s): Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra

    Light, happy, sounds like a waltz, has moments of slight sadness, but nothing major. Great phrasing, expression, made you want to dance. Made me feel happy and like dancing.

    Title: Piano Concerto #1
    Composer: Franz Liszt
    Performer: Lang Lang, NY Philharmonia Orchestra

    Starts dramatic, then becomes gentle, sounds, then dramatic again. Then is quiet, like a bird singing, sweet. then becomes a little more intense, then returns to sweet, quiet, gentle sound. Made me feel stressed at times, then made me feel relaxed and happy. Great phrasing, expression, and dynamics

    1. Very good comments, Mia! Just felt a bit like you were in a rush to complete the assignment. No worries, if that’s true, we can’t really go very deep every time:)

  92. Composer :Frederic Chopin
    Title:24 preludes opus 28th
    Preludes 2-4
    Sounded quick and something from a disney movie but when it got to the middle it sounded to slowly get sad and then quick and happy again.

    1. Welcome to on-line Listening Log, Arda! Great comments, I like your parallel to Disney movie music:)

    1. Welcome to online listening Log, Victoria! Great choices of music, the 12 Musial Days got me very intrigued:)

  93. Title: in the hall of the mountain king
    Composer: Edvard grieg
    Players: Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci by the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg under the direction of Scott Lawton
    This piece is very unique and very exciting. It changes tempo very quickly

    Title: explorers
    composer: hinkik

    This piece uses very different instruments than most other pieces. This song shoulda ver digital and is very interesting.

    1. Welcome to online Listening Log, Thomas! I love the Grieg piece, too. Would it be possible for you to add a link to the Explorers piece? i am very curious to watch/listen to it. Thank you for finding interesting music:)

  94. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Count on me
    Composer: Bruno Mars
    Performer: Bruno Mars

    It starts out cheerful. The percussion instruments and the rhythm make it like we are just strolling down a park. The sun is bright and I am playing with friends. The lyrics wake me up from a long nap and it makes me think if my friends count on me or do I count on them?

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Try everything
    Composer: Shakira
    Performer: Shakira

    When it starts to get the beat it makes me want to dance. The pitch makes me cheerful and the lyrics fill me with determination . It makes me want to learn, try new things, and make mistakes. For anyone who hasn’t learn this moral should listen to this song.

    1. Wonderful recommendation, Jocelyn, I love your attitude, yes, we all want to be courageous and not scared of new things and mistakes!

  95. Listening Log Post #1 Week 6

    Title: Violin Concerto No. 3
    Composer: Mozart
    Conductor: Hahn

    Starts out very cheerful. There are people dressed in “royal” attire in the audience. They may be priests, and I saw an elderly man sitting in a white “throne-like” chair. There is a red carpeted aisle, with the “throned” man in the middle, and what looks like two priests by his side. He looked bored, but l personally felt the music to be especially exciting. Some members of the orchestra are middle-aged, and some look like they’re in their mid-twenties.
    The song sounds very happy, with the high-pitched bouncy notes of the violin. Then I heard clarinets jumping in, and together they made a glorious melody–a sunny skip in the forest, a pleasant stroll by the lake, and a beautiful, graceful ballet can all describe this piece. Soon the piece grew to be so tranquil and moving that it could no longer be a skip in the forest and had to transform into Juliet singing a love song for Romeo. Towards the end of the piece it stopped for while–perhaps to catch a breath–then it went into a joyous, quick sprint. Here I realized that french horns and cellos were also part of the piece. I also noticed that there was this violist, and she was standing up the WHOLE TIME (around 27 minutes), while all the other violinists got to sit down. A the end of the piece the conductor shook hands with her first. Why is this?

    1. Evangelina, what a joy to read your thoughtful and expressive comments! Please, keep the coming, I am always looking forward to your next ideas and insights into the music you listen to!
      (let’s reserve the work “song” to compositions involving singing, and call the instrumental compositions “pieces”)

  96. Title: Montagues and Capulets
    Composer: Prokofiev
    Performer(s): Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra

    Starts out like a clash, very dissonant, then gentle, then becomes dramatic and like a stand-off. Then, there is a section that sounds gentle, peaceful, I think it’s when Juliet comes in, then becomes like a stand-off again. Great phrasing, paints a picture in your mind. Made me feel like I was in a conflict.

    Title: Dance of the Swans
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer(s): London Festival Orchestra

    Very sad, mournful, then becomes dramatic and sounds like a storm, then becomes sad and quiet again. Very beautiful. All of the pieces by Tchaikovsky I’ve heard are very touching in a way that other composers aren’t to me. Made me feel sad. Had great phrasing and technique, could really feel the emotion.

    1. Wonderful selections, Mia! Two very contrasting compositions, but both by Russian composers and both are for orchestra, shows the dramatic range of emotions that music can express, ha? Your writing is very reflective, keep it up!
      (a suggestion: when picking performers of the music you choose for Listening Log, try to stay with professional soloists and ensembles. Some youth orchestras are wonderful, but still they are mostly a stunning representation of what students can accomplish. Professionals are more likely to deliver the depth of the actual compositions:)

  97. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: The Sound of Still Water
    Composer: Pamela and Randy Copus
    Performer: Pamela and Randy Copus

    It uses string instruments. The strings made the music sound like sparkling water. The music made me imagine a clear picture of the water still and the music playing in the background while I walk on the sand and the sun shining over the water. It made me calm after a busy day and made me want to go on vacation and just enjoy the beautiful scene at the beach.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: The Sea at night
    Composer: Pamela and Randy Copus
    Performer: Pamela and Randy Copus

    The music is the same as last time. Me walking down the beach but this time the full moon is up and you can see the bright winking stars against the clear dark indigo sky. Very good phrasing that showed lots of feeling. As I was walking down the beach, the water silently lapping at the sand, the clear full moon, the bright twinkling stars, I could just fall asleep right here and then.

    1. Wonderful colorful writing, Jocelyn! May I ask you to please add links to this post? I am pretty sure I am not the only person who would love to watch the recording you described so beautifully

  98. Listening Log Post 2
    Title: Etude Tableau Op. 33 No.7
    Composer: Rachmaninoff
    Performer: Vladimir Ashkenazy

    Comments: starts out clear and mf. Like a sunny morning for a bunny. Then the bunny hops around looking for something. It gets trapped in the woods. A big creature jumps out and chases the bunny. Finally, the bunny escapes and finds its carrots. Great phrasing and dynamics. Good technique and clear sound

  99. Title: Danse Macabre
    Composer: Camille Saint Saens
    Performer: National Philharmonic Orchestra

    Great phrasing, sounds ominous at the beginning, then becomes sweet, then dramatic, you can almost see skeletons/ ghosts running around, sounds like the night is finishing, they are trying to get back to their graves, frantic, then becomes pianissimo, like dawn has come and they are done.

    Title: Lacrimosa
    Composer: Mozart
    Performer: ?

    Sweet, very beautiful, sounds happy, then changes, becomes more dramatic, kinda sad, great phrasing, expression, paints a picture in your mind. Made me feel happy, then sad.

    1. What a vivid imagination, Mia! Yes, I am sure Saint Saens would be thrilled to know that his music made you “almost see” the skeletons while listening to his piece!

  100. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Elegie
    Composer: Rachmaninoff
    Performer: Rachmaninoff

    Comments: starts out forte and powerful. Rachmaninoff really brings out the melody and it never fades out even though the notes are extremely long. The key changes create a beautiful line. Then, it fades to mp. I like the diverse expressions. Great phrasing. Now, it cresc. into a possible climax that’s really powerful. Then it dies back down to a mp with the left hand being the melody. The right hand accompaniment is very quiet and subtle and adds the perfect touch. Then the piece goes back up to another climax with a lot of strange chords that when put together form a nice melody. Finally it resolves into the original melody. The overall sound quality is powerful and firm but also delicate. Ends forte.

    1. Great comments, Michelle! I love how you pointed out both the power and delicateness of Rachmaninoff’s touch, it is very true about his unique piano sound.

  101. Listening Log 2

    Title: It’s Gonna Be OKAY\
    Composer: Andy Grammar and Dave Bassett
    Performer: The Piano Guys

    It starts out cheerful and active with its drums and the tempo which makes me want to dance. The song makes me feel safe where I am.The lyrics remind of book called Home of the Brave. The book is about a person named Kek who came from Sudan as a refugee. He lost his dad and brother, and doesn’t know where his mother is. Which makes me sad I cried after my teacher told me a story about losing his second father which was his teacher. After I listened to the song it made me want to go into the story and tell Kek that everything is gonna be okay.

    1. I was very touched to read your comments, Jocelyn! I often feel the same: music connects with the story, and makes me want to go and change the story, make it happier…

  102. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Moonlight Sonata
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer: Tiffany Poon (age 13)

    Very relaxing. It starts out like soft waves lapping over the sand with the beams of light shining over the waters. It continues like that. I think my eyes starting getting dry at 5 mins for watching it. Finally, it got more cheerful like it was morning and children were coming out to catch fish. With the children’s laughter in the air the adults started to fish. They waited but then…. Oh no! There was a dolphin caught in the net and it started to thrash like crazy. And then there was a whole pod trying to get there member back. Finally, the fishing men were able to free the dolphin. The dolphin pod made a show and the same dolphin that was caught was the last one to leave. The children after a while forgot about the dolphin and had a lot of fun chasing each other that there parents got tired of them and told them to play somewhere else. So the children went off and had there crazy game which made a racket!

  103. Listening Log Post #1 Week 4

    Title: violin concerto in D major, op. 35
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Joshua Bell(composer)

    I wasn’t able to put the link here.

    Very swaying and cheerful with growing mischievousness. The violin players jerk their bows with great agility. This piece sort of sound like a pleasant country day with lots of activity. Great dynamics, very expressive. I liked how the orchestra played together in harmony. Soon it grew quick and fast with jolts and bursts of excitement. At the end it sounded like a wild chase between a cat and a mouse, the music was so bouncy and high-pitched. Then it got mournful as if the cat is crying because it did not catch the mouse, then it comes into a wild chase even more hectic than before! I can see the mouse literally jumping over plates and tables and toys just to get away from the cat. Ends enthusiastically and joyfully. The mouse got away! Love the quickness and swiftness of this piece!

    1. Excellent comments and very keen observations! I like very much how you let the music write a story for you. You also pick wonderful performers, Evangelina. May I ask you to please add links, so that others may be able to watch the same recordings?

  104. Title: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
    Composer: Liszt
    Performer: Valentina Lisitsa

    Great technique, expression, very colorful, starts out dramatic, kinda dark, unhappy, has moments of playfulness, then completely changes and becomes quiet, energetic, excited, but has moments of darkness, unhappiness. Made me feel unhappy during the first part, then during the second part made me feel playful and happy.

    Title: Toccata and Fugue in D minor BVW 565
    Composer: JS Bach
    Performer: Hans-Andre Stamm

    Sounds dark, scary, like a horror story, very dramatic, great expression, sounds gray, has moments of almost happiness, then sounds like a thunderstorm again. Very gloomy. Towards the end it sounds almost happy, but then returns to solemn mood. Could be used in Fantasia, which I think it was. Made me feel unhappy and like it was raining outside.

  105. Listening Log Post 1 Week 2

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 1 4th movt.
    Composer: Shostakovich
    Performer: Michelle Qiu (Me!)

    Impressive beginning, a bit too bangy. There’s a lot of accents here and there. Good power, I’m very Untogether with Ms. Anna. I think my accuracy could be a lot better, and there shouldve been more phrasing. I like that my playing is not to rushed and I can catch my breath. Great technique. The piece sounds like a big cat chasing a mouse, reminds me of tom and Jerry. There’s a spec of mystery to it.
    Cadenza: good phrasing and dynamics here, impressive technique, but way to many mistakes. I really liked the gliss. Ends with big chords that sounds like the cat caught the mouse. Unfortunately, that last note just had to be untogether.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Prelude no. 1
    Composer: Gershwin
    Performer: George Gershwin

    Starts out mf. I love the jazzy feel to it and all modern music. Great dynamics and phrasing. Sounds like a dance . The recording was extremely out of tune so I can’t really tell about tone quality and sound.

    1. What a courageous thing to post comments on your own recording, Michelle! It is always hard to listen to your own playing and be objective, ha? I was impressed to see how you were able to balance noticing some really excellent qualities mixed with disappointing moments, very insightful!

    1. No, you can listen to anything you find interesting: symphony, opera, ballet, even include other styles like pop, rock, jazz, movie and game music. The only rule is each weekly assignment must have at least one classical piece from standard repertory.

  106. Listening Log Post #4 Week 3

    Title: Symphony No. 7 in A major (first mvt)
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer: Leonard Bernstein–(this is the conductor)

    Starts out like a lullaby, with big chords cutting in once in a while. Gradually it gets louder to reveal quite a happy tune. When the clarinets come in,the sound is peaceful and sweet. It sounds like a beautiful woman singing. Superb dynamics and phrasing, and excellent harmony and articulation. The trumpets and drums make this sound very grand. It made me feel triumphant in some way. The conductor was actually smiling while conducting the piece, and he is very expressive in that. Overall, I think this is the BEST piece ever!

  107. Listening Log Post #3 Week 3

    Title: Piano sonata in A major (2nd mvt)
    Performer: Alfred Brendel

    Starts out fairly morose, surprised me because I thought it was going to start out cheerful because the sonata was in “A Major”, until I realized almost all the 2nd movements are sad. Good piano, resonating sound. The movement continues its depressing mood. I thought of Juliet crying and yearning for lost Romeo….made me sad too. Although this was sad, I liked how Alfred expresses this gloomy feeling with exceptional phrasing and dynamics.

    1. This is one of the best recordings of Beethoven, Alfred Brendel is a fantastic pianist. You choose wonderful recordings for your Log! Would you please start posting links so others can easily get to hear them, too?

  108. Listening Log Post #2 Week 3

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 2 (2nd movement)
    Composer: Brahms
    Performer: Lu Jia

    Start out mysterious, sad, riveting and exciting all at once. There are fantastic dynamics. Towards the end of the movement it gets so quick that the pianist’s hands are blurs! I thought of police chasing robbers desperately and the robbers are running for dear life when I heard this part. I can tell this is a great piece already!

  109. Listening Log Post #1 Week 3

    Title: Piano Concerto in D major (3rd movement)
    Composer: Haydn
    Performer: Annie Zhou (age 7)

    Starts out cheerful and bouncy, again like a skip in the woods, but this time a more exuberant and boisterous skip with knees up high and with great strides. I could tell there were a number of grace notes in there. It’s a good piece, with excellent phrasing. The movement ends quite grandly, with a large chord. I am fascinated that a seven-year-old could play such an impressive piece!

    1. Great comments, Evangelina! I love your attention to details in the music and performances, keep it up!

  110. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: A Thousand Years
    Composer: Christina Perri
    Performer: Piano Guys

    It starts out peaceful, and sad. It makes me feel as though a person is longing for their beloved. The person would even wait wait for a thousand years to see his beloved. It continues like that. But at the end, he fades off.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Jackson 5 and Bach were funky way before Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk! – “I Want You Bach”
    Performer: Piano Guys

    It starts out classical. But it quickly turns into modern music, and it gets all funky! It makes me want laugh out loud and dance because the music sounds like everone is having fun and enjoying themselves!

    1. Welcome to online Listening Log, Jocelyn! And thank you very much for posting links to the recordings which you chose for your post. This is a great way to help us connect with your comments better! And I always love to read your stories inspired by the music, you are very thoughtful. Keep it up!

  111. Listening Log Post #1
    Title: An American in Paris
    Composer: George Gershwin
    Performer: Andre Previn/London Symphony Orchestra

    Very colorful, sounds like someone who doesn’t know their way around taking in the sights and marveling at them, sounds chaotic, paints a vivid picture in your mind, lots of expression, phrasing, becomes tired, then becomes alive again, lots of sophisticated, artistic sounds, like everything is happening too quickly for someone to comprehend. Has moments of slow, steadiness, but then becomes excited again. Made me feel like i was in the middle of traffic in a very busy city.

    Listening Log Post #2
    Title: Night on Bald Mtn
    Composer: Modest Mussorgsky
    Performer: Leonard Bernstein

    Sounds ominous, like something bad is about to happen, dramatic, paints a picture in your mind, like something is coming beck from the dead, great phrasing and expression, could be from a legend or story. Very appropriate for Halloween. Gives you chills. Gets calmer towards the end of the piece. Made me feel frightened, like I was in a nightmare.

    1. Oh, this is so realistic, exactly what Gershwin meant: feeling in the middle of a busy buzzing city with lots of sounds, smells, people and events everywhere! That’s what real Paris feels like. I agree, Gershwin was able to express it and make it feel very much alive.Excellent comments!

  112. Listening Log Post #2

    Title: Kiss the rain
    Compose: Yimura
    Performer: Yimura

    Just like River Flows in You, it is very calm and placid. The dynamics are strange, but in a soft way. When the notes are played separately, they sounds nice, but when played together, even better. Kiss the rain!

  113. Listening Log Post #1
    Title: River Flows In You
    Composer: Yimora
    Performer: Yimora

    Very classical and smooth. Has literally all of the attributes of Jasmine Flower. Shows very artistic style of playing. For instance, every note is carefully polished and played to the fullest that it can be. Its dynamics are very specific and give you the right message.

    1. Welcome to online Listening Log, Eric! Wonderful that you bring in artists who are lesser known to classical pianists, thank you! Is this the recording you meant?
      Yiruma – River Flows In You
      I liked the pianist, and I liked Mr. Yiruma as a composer: beautiful, delicate music!

  114. Listening Log Post 2 Week 2

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 11 in D major
    Composer: Haydn
    Performer: Mikhail Pletney

    FIRST MOVEMENT: Starts out with violins very cheerfully. Personally, I enjoy songs that start out happy better than songs that start out sad. When the pianist FINALLY plays (2 minute mark) it is light and bouncy and playful, his fingers flying over the keys. This movement is not “childish” enough to visualize a juvenile playing outside, so you may imagine a pleasant skip in the woods on a bright day. This beginning also has a hint of mischief in it.

    SECOND MOVEMENT: It starts out more calm, but it still has traces of gleefulness in it. Our skip in the woods has now slowed to a peaceful stroll. Made me feel relaxed and contented. The violins create chirping birds and a shining sun. This cheerfulness goes on till the end of the movement, which you may say ens “magically.”

    THIRD MOVEMENT: My favorite! Already makes me feel happy because of the exciting bounciness. Great articulation and phrasing. Also, I noticed that the pianist’s right hand is louder that the left hand, which is a good sign. The violins make this piece sound more exciting than ever! The mood and tune stays the same in every movement, but I like it anyhow. At the end it is quick and grand. Absolutely fascinating!

  115. Listening Log Post 1 Week 2

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 2
    Composer: Rachmaninoff
    Performer: Evgeny Kissin

    Starts out morose and quiet, then gradually gets louder. Now it feels like someone is on a grand secret adventure. The character is running, leaping over streams and scaling buildings–that is what the music sounds like. For a moment I was worrying about the character’s safety! This adventure continues until the middle part, where it gets more serene and bittersweet, sort of like the parting of Romeo and Juliet. This bitter-sweetness goes on towards the end, where the music gets more bouncy and mischievous. I thought of the “Three Blind Mice” when I heard this. Great use of dynamics and phrasing here. At the end it turns louder and even more bouncy and grand, like the character completed his mission and now the crowd is rooting for him. This whole piece ends playfully with numerous bounces and a enormously impressive chord! If I was at this performance, I would clap for the pianist too because he did a superb job at describing this piece! Good job Evgeny!

    1. I am with you: Evgeny Kissin truly brings out the excitement of the piece, makes you want to jump out of the seat and cry “Brava!”, great comments

  116. Listening Log Post #1

    Title: The Seasons, January
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Lev Oborin

    Sounds calm, quiet, like snow is falling, people are gathered inside around a fire. Very delicate. Made me feel relaxed and like it was the middle of winter.

    Listening Log Post #2

    Title: Waltz of the Flowers
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Orquesta Sinfónica de Radio Praga

    Starts off dramatic, then turns to delicate, flitting about. Then sound like many small people are coming in. Has a soft, light feel to it, has moments of seriousness, then returns to sounding like fairies flying about. becomes more dramatic and exciting towards the end, but still has that soft, gentle touch to it. Made me feel excited and like I was in a dream.

    1. Very keen observation about feeling like in a dream! Exactly what this Waltz is meant to create: an experience of fairy tail

  117. Listening Log Post 2 Week 1

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor
    Composer: Tchaikovsky
    Performer: Lang Lang

    There are HUGE octaves at first, and it was very loud an grand, but NOT bangy. Made me think of a hero sauntering through the streets and the people cheering and applauding. The pianist moves his fingertips very skillfully and quickly, and his notes are very clean, not all mushed together. Also, I noticed that he is very dramatic in his playing. He stops, sways, jerks back and forth and even does little bounces! Towards the middle it got serene and moody, kind of like the music you will hear in a Disney movie when it gets to the sad part. Soon it grows loud and cheerful again with awesome dynamics. There are even bigger octaves than the beginning, and it’s all so hectic that made me feel rushed! It grows sad in minor parts after the big ones. I like how Tchaikovsky does this, so that the emotions of his audiences makes big rises and falls! Ends hugely with impressive harmonious chords. Love it!

    1. Wonderful connecting with the music flow, i absolutely feel those big waves of dynamic rise and fall, great attention to clarity of sound and how it’s connected with the way the pianist moves his fingers:)

  118. Listening Log Post 1 Week 1

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 9 in E flat major
    Composer: Mozart
    Performer: Mitsuko Uchida

    It begins quite fast and bouncy with cheerfulness, kind of like a race with the crowds cheering nearby. The pianist’s articulation an phrasing is great, and I like how she flexes her wrists and elbows. She even closes her eyes and sways to the music! I was getting in the mood, all cheerful and harmonious like a sunny day, and suddenly towards the middle it got all SAD. It’s just like a cloud covered the sun and started raining. But even now, the orchestra kept up with the mood and made it sound morose and depressing. The pianist used excellent dynamics to express this. This gloomy period stays on for a while, and then it became happy again! I was so excited. I thought this delightful feeling would stay on till the end, but, soon after, it became sad again. Then it became happy, making me feel like, “what’s going to happen next?!” I like how Mozart makes a grand change in emotions here and there to make his piece more interesting. The blissfulness stayed on till the end. But without all this change, this piece would seem boring, like a typical day–even with all the dynamics and phrasing! Mozart is my favorite composer yet!

    1. Evangelina, welcome to online Listening Log! Wonderful comments, very rich and emotional, I love your story-telling! Keep up excellent work!

  119. Listening Log Post Week 1 Part 2

    Title: Etude op 25 no. 11
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Maurizio Pollini

    Starts out quiet like a lullaby, very calm, sudden change into loud, fast and powerful scale passages, scared me…
    very clear sound, great expressiveness, it sounds like someone fighting through a storm or blizzard, probably why its named ‘Winter’s Wind’. Very strong sound yet not bangy. Good range of dynamics and phrasing. nice tone color.I love how chopin puts together strange notes and chords that create a very nice sounding phrase. I hope I can play this someday!

  120. Listening Log Post Week 1 Part 1

    Title: The Lark
    Composer: Glinka/Balakirev
    Performer: Evgeny Kissin

    I like the very delicate touch. left hand accompaniment was really quiet and just put together the whole piece. The scale passages were amazing! Good tone color, very clear and crisp sound. very expressive and calming.

  121. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Piano Concerto No.4 (mvt. IV)
    Composer Prokofiev
    Performer’s: Kun Woo Paik, piano; Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra; Antoni Wit

    It starts out presto, like a person running for their life from a their rival. Later on, it sounds like an actor going on stage with its high octaves for applause. The different pitches and tempo represent to me the different characters and emotion the actor acts. Largo, high, presto, low, moderate. The music made the actor flawless. In the end, the actor got a standing ovation. The long ending applause or ending note almost made me go to sleep.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: The Planets: Jupiter
    Composer: Holst
    Performer’s: London Phillharmonic Orchestra

    Very loud and fast. The composer almost made this peice like a Star Wars movie. But, instead it sounded more like an adventure with its’ loud and soft pitches. To continue the story… Astronauts land on Jupiter and explore. It took a while before they found something that excited them. The music ritardando and then suddenly it became forte like they found something exciting.

  122. Wonderful comments, Michelle! I am happy to see you becoming aware and sensitive to different colors of sound produced by different touch. Keep up!

  123. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Schumann Arabesque op. 18
    Composer: Schumann
    Performer: Maurizio Pollini

    Very clear and delicate sound. I can hear each melody clearly. Lots of expressiveness and phrasing. I like the different touches he uses for each section of the piece. Even though the theme is repeated a number of times, he made each one different and interesting. Great change in tone from big power to a quiet sound in the dotted rhythm section near the end. The rhythm was perfectly on beat and the pedal was very clean. Good dynamics at the end.

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Etude Op. 10 No. 12
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Valentina Lisitsa

    Very powerful, but very good delicate touch too. Fantastic technique in all the scale passages. They were sharp and clean. Very expressive too. The whole piece was played with a strong and bold sound. Great phrasing and dynamics. There was a wide range of them and they changed during different parts of the etude. Great powerful ending.

  124. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Piano Concerto 1 1st mvt.
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Martha Argerich

    Orchestra starts out quiet and expressive. Piano comes in suddenly like a loud interruption. The piece was very expressive and has lots of dynamics. Very full and good sound. All notes were very clear. The fast scale passage parts were played actively and had great technique and the musical and expressive parts were played with a nice soft touch and had lots of phrasing. Great change of character in places and great technique.

    Listening Log Post 2
    Title: Fantasie Impromptu op. 66
    Performer: Arthur Rubenstein

    The piece was played very actively and bold, great technique in the scale passages. When needed, he was very expressive and showed lots of phrasing. All of it was very clear and had a clean and strong sound. Great articulation and pronunciation of every note.

  125. Listening Log Post 1, 2, 3,4

    Title: Symphony #1 “Classical”
    Composer: Prokofiev
    Performer: Pro Arte Symphony Orchestra

    Prokofiev Symphony No 1 “Classical”
    1st Movement
    Starts out quickly, like a race. Sounds like someone laughing after playing a joke. Mischievous. It is in a high octave. Has interesting articulation, especially with slurs. It is going up and down and goes high, then drops low again, all in the same phrase. In the middle it sounds like a bird or fairy ‘flitting’ around through a meadow or someplace peaceful. It sounds as though Prokofiev is trying to mock/ express how he feels about different people’s attitudes; the tones which are being picked by cello strings are grumpy or unhappy people, while the lighter and airier tones are happy people who are in a good mood. This movement made me feel lighthearted and happy.
    2nd Movement
    Starts out low, quiet, velvety, almost like the Bach, then a high pitch cuts in, interrupting the low tones. It sounds like when a parent is talking to a friend and then the kid runs in, yelling/screaming. Then becomes light and upbeat and excited. Then the fairy starts ‘flitting’ around again, like in the 1st movement. Switches between rhythms a lot. It then returns to the first rhythm again, low, quiet, velvety. It definitely keeps you on your heels, waiting for the next rhythm and phrase that is about to come. It was a generally quiet movement, but had moments of great emphasis on phrasing and articulation. Made me feel sleepy and relaxed.
    3rd Movement
    Short movement, starts out sounding like a waltz, strange and interesting phrasing, especially with the slurs. It goes higher in sound, then trills, then drops. The trills are in a high pitch. It sounds as though towards the end of the piece there are stringed instruments that are plucking the strings. I’m not quite sure how else to describe it.
    4th Movement
    Starts out like something from a chase, has some odd trills, going up, quickly, then comes down, more trills, sounds like a bird in the morning when the sun is rising, then again starts sounding like a chase. Then, as before, there is a flute that sounds like a bird. Then repeats beginning. Mf to F dynamics. The wind instruments are playing constantly. There are violins that are answering the wind instruments. Now sounds now like a slow chase between an old hunter and a song bird. Very exhilarating and exciting. Keeps you excited and interested in what is going to happen next. Towards the end gets serious. Made me feel excited and jumpy.

  126. listening log post 1
    title: etude op10 no 12
    composer: chopin
    performer:evgeny kissin

    great sound, very good technique, very clear scale passages, excellent phrasing and dynamics, very expressive

    listening log post 2
    title: piano concerto no1
    composer: bach
    performer:glenn gould

    very good touch, nice phrasing, I like the change of sound in different parts of the concerto, great articulation and technique

  127. listening log post 1
    title: romeo and juliet montauges and capulets
    composer: prokofiev
    performer: evgeny kissin

    very powerful, very good tone and clear sound, great change of character in your playing, nice dynamics and phrasing

    listening log post 2

    title: scherzo no. 2
    composer: chopin
    performer: krystian zimmerman

    very enthusiastic and expressive beginning, great technique, very clear sound, great phrasing and dynamics, good articulation, very powerful

  128. listening log post 1

    title:piano concerto no. 3
    performer:krystian zimerman

    great powerful beginning, very bright and clear sound, very good range of dynamics, nice phrasing, very clear scale passages and everywhere else, very expressive, even this concerto is in a minor key, you maddest sound very happy, powerful and bright :-), great change of character when key changes

    listening log post 2

    title:four seasons spring
    performer:itzhak perlman

    great tone, nice phrasing, i love the fast aperrgio/scale part, very good technique, very expressive

  129. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: piano Concerto no3
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer:Daniel Barenboim

    Very good technique in scale passages and everywhere else, I like the change of phrasing in different phrases, double notes and chords were very together

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title:Etude no 12 op 10
    Composer: Chopin
    Performer: Evgeny Kissin

    Very very very very good technique, it shows a lot in the scale passages, great wide range of dynamics, good balance between hands, I like how he played some parts very powerful and technical and other parts quiet and calm, it made the piece interesting

  130. Listening Log Post 1

    Title: Rondo Capriccioso op. 14
    Composer: Mendelssohn
    Performer: Murray Perahia

    very good touch, sound, tone, every note sounded very deep, great phrasing and lots of dynamics, I like how he made a big change in tone and character at the tempo change in the middle of the piece, very good technique in scale passages, great articulation (wide variety of it), I LOVE THE ENDING!

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title:Prelude and Fugue in g minor no. 16
    Composer: Bach
    Performer: Richter

    great sound and tone quality, I liked how I could hear all the different voices clearly, very good dynamics and each phrase had different phrasing, every note was very clear and not mushed together

  131. listening log post 1
    title:prelude no 7
    performer:martha argerich

    great sound, very peaceful, very clear, great phrasing, has a special tone quality

    listening log post 2
    title:concerto no.5
    performer:glenn gould

    very good technique, great “bach” touch, nice tone, wide range of dynamics, very powerful

  132. listening log post 1
    title: fur elise
    composer: beethoven
    performer: valentina listisa

    great range of dynamics, the music felt very calm and relaxing to me, great sound and tone, excellent technique

    listening log post 2
    title:piano concerto in a minor
    Performer:arthur rubenstein

    very powerful chords at the beginning , it was very energetic and exciting, good change of tone in places needed, great dynamics and phrasing, good technique

  133. Great! You are getting your award stickers!!! Just wondering: how did you come up with 22 keys? Can you list ALL keys and count them up once more? (we don’t study C Major, but for the purpose of getting them all on the list, count it in this time).

    1. the 24 scales (including c major) are:
      e major, a major, d major, g major, b major, f major, f sharp major, a flat major, c sharp major, e flat major, b flat major, c minor, g minor, d minor, e minor, a minor, b minor, f minor, e flat minor, b flat minor, g sharp minor, f sharp minor, c sharp minor and c major.

  134. So in conclusion, no matter what scales’ dominant seventh you play there is basically only 3 different ones you can play.

  135. Why Diminished Seventh Appergios Are Easy to Play No Matter What Key You Start From

    Diminished seventh appergio are so easy to play because you are pretty much playing only 3 appergios in all the 22 keys. The 3 appergios’ notes are
    1. G flat, A, C, E flat
    2. F, A flat, B, D
    3. E, G, B flat, D flat

    For example, if you take the d major scale, the seventh note is C sharp or D flat and the appergio would be D flat, E, G, B flat. If you take F minor, the seventh note would be E and the notes for the appergio would be E, G, B flat and D flat which is the same as D major except their roots and inversions have the same notes in different order.

  136. Wonderful observation and very good explanation, Michelle! Let’s make a few corrections, ok?
    1. You are talking about Diminished Seventh, not Dominant Seventh, right?
    2. You mean this applies to the Arpeggio (not scale), correct?

  137. Why Dominant Seventh Scales Are Easy to Play No Matter What Key You Start From

    Dominant seventh scales are so easy to play because you are pretty much playing only 3 seventh scales in all the 22 keys. The 3 scales’ notes are
    1. G flat, A, C, E flat
    2. F, A flat, B, D
    3. E, G, B flat, D flat

    For example, if you take the d major scale, the seventh note is C sharp or D flat and the scale would be D flat, E, G, B flat. If you take F minor, the seventh note would be E and the scale notes would be E, G, B flat and D flat which is the same as D major except their roots and inversions have the same notes in different order.

    So in conclusion, no matter what scales’ dominant seventh you play there is basically only 3 different ones you can play.

  138. Listening Log Post #1

    Title: French Suite No. 3 Allemande
    Composer: Bach
    Performer: Andras Schiff

    Very very clear, good touch and feeling for every note, very expressive, great phrasing, excellent technique

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Piano Concerto No. 20
    Composer: Mozart
    Performer: Murray Perahia and English Chamber Orchestra

    very good touch which makes very good sound and tone, very clear scale passages and in all places, great technique, excellent dynamics and phrasing

    1. Great job, Michelle! Keep it up!
      It’s wonderful that you can notice the qualities in technique of those two great artists; next post I would like to see more comments about how this music and this performance made you FEEL. You said it was very expressive, right? So, what feelings (or stories) did YOU feel the musicians were expressing? And what exactly was so excellent about their dynamics and phrasing?

  139. Listening Log Post 1

    Title:Piano Concerto no.2
    Composer: Beethoven
    Performer: Krystian Zimerman

    Lots of phrasing and dynamics, very good tone and sound,great technique in scale passages, good change of character in spots

    Listening Log Post 2

    Title: Violin Caprice 24
    Composer: Paganini
    Performer: Itzhak Perlman

    great phrasing , wide range of dynamics, very clear sound, excellent technique

    1. Excellent job, Michelle, thank you for posting! Since you are the first one to do it online, you are getting double points for this post: Two Stickers go into your binder!!!!

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