HMMS Faculty featured on WETA

Please, tune up to our Trio performance featured on WETA Front Row!

WETA Front Row link 

The concert was presented by Levine School of Music and recorded live on March 19, 2016 at The Falls Church Episcopal


3 thoughts on “HMMS Faculty featured on WETA”

  1. Song: Spring Waltz
    Very expressive. The phrasing and dynamics
    differentiate it from other songs. The rhythm is
    also suit and it actually represents the season spring.

  2. Title: Yimura-River Flows In You
    Composer: Yimura
    Performer: Yimura
    Very classical and smooth, and is very like the orchestra piece Jasmine Flower. Shows an artistic style of playing. For instance, every note is carefully polished, and played to the fullest that it can be. It’s dynamics are very specific, just like if you were painting an art piece. Finally, the piece will give you a message.

    Title: Kiss The Rain-Yimura
    Composer: Yimura
    Performer: Yimura
    Just like river flows in you, it is very calm, and put’s you in a very placid scene. The dynamics are strong, but in a soft way. When the notes are played separately, they sound nice, but when played together, it’s amazing. I really like this composer, because every piece that he composes is different, and can really raise your feelings, and paint a picture in your head.

    1. Eric, you found a wonderful musician, I like Yiruma’s style and delicate approach to piano. Would you please start posting links to the recordings you choose for your Listening Log, so others can easily watch them, too, if they get interested?

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