Marcela Gonyea

Marcela Gonyea started learning piano with Anna at age 5

and has been a part of the studio for 3 years.  She has always had a Marcela art 1love for music and Anna has helped her understand music in a whole new way.  Her teaching methods have helped her advance in learning the instrument and grow in expressing herself through it.   To date, Marcela has participated in (9) piano performances to audiences ranging from 30 – 300 people. Her greatest musical accomplishment to date has been mastering and performing Berkovish Concerto 2nd Movement.  Marcela art 2This is an accompaniment piece that requires 2 pianist where Marcela had to communicate with another musician non-verbally and through the music itself to determine when she would start and stop playing.  She memorized 5 pages of rhythmic complex sheet music to include tempo (fast/slow), dynamics (soft/loud) and phrasing (musical punctuation) and apply her own feelings to the piece during her performance.

In addition to music Marcela loves art Marcela art 3and making paintings and pictures. All pictures you see here on this page are her own original artwork!

Watch Marcela’s playing here

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