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Welcome to our Partners and Links Page!

Here you will find links to local and national competitions, festivals, performances opportnities, etc. Also links to our partner organizations and individuals, and links to other sites of interest. Hope you visit it often to watch for new references, and will find the contents useful!

Our Studio holds memberships in many professional music organizations, such s associations, unions, groups, etc. Some of those organizations sponsor members-only events designed for students participation, others provide substantial discounts for members on tickets to performances, sheet music and equipment purchases, music services, music related travel booking, etc. In many cases your family membership in our Studio automatically makes you eligible for those benefits through our Studio membership in those organizations, while others may require additional Student memberships or charge member-discounted participation fees.  Please, feel free to ask questions if you aren’t sure how you can use available benefits for specific purposes.

For information on competitions, recitals, festivals for students’ participation please go to:

Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association

Washingtont Music Teachers Association

Virginia Music Teachers Association

Arts Are For All Ages AAFAA (please note: the website is currently under reconstruction and will become available soon)

Our Partners

Looking for recording and piano tuning services? Humidifier installation for your existing piano? Please see the page for Gerard Herder, our Studio sound engineer and piano technician. You can contact Gerard directly at  Herder Recording

Looking to purchase, rent, or upgrade an instrument? Please contact one of our recommended area retailers and services:

Rick Jones Pianos (additional discounts available for our Studio members)

Jordan Kitts Music (some discounts may be available for our Studio members)

Potter Violin Company

Brobst Violin Shop

Donald Kohen Bowmaker

Also please see our discussion post with some tips on how to choose the right arrangement for your family when purchasing/upgrading/renting a piano.

Looking to purchase sheet music? Can’t find a specific piece on-line? Need it right away and can’t wait for shipping?  Need to consult with a professional sheet music retailer? Here is our recommended retailer:

Foxes Music Company

Didn’t find the right teacher or the right program for your child within our Studio? Looking for additional enrichment programs, summer camps, classes or courses? Looking for specific instrument lessons which we don’t provide? Just want to have a chance to compare? Please, visit these recommended organisations, schools, and individuals:

Levine Music

Washington Conservatory

NVMTA Teachers Referral Service (includes referrals to teachers who travel to students’ homes)

Washington Music Teachers Association Referral Services

To find concerts, events, etc, which we recommend, go to:

Kennedy Center




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