Julian Chen

Hi. My name is Julian. I am six years old. My family moved from the Netherlands to the United States in 2016. I’ve been to 14 countries (mostly in Europe). 

My parents like New Zealand and Switzerland most, but I like the Netherlands, because I miss the cheese there. Last year, I went to Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida with my parents. I like Florida most, because it has Disney world and Kennedy Space Center. Smithsonian Air and Space museum is my favorite attraction in DC.

I used to speak Dutch quite well, so my Mom put me to Rochambeau, the French International School. I will be 2nd grader this Fall. My favorite subject is French. I like reading (my favorite books are Five Kingdoms and Harry Potter), coding, singing, playing Lego, Kapla, and soccer. I want to learn to play piano because it is fun and challenging. This is my first year at the Hunter Mill Music Studio and I am very excited!

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