HMMS Live Concerts

Welcome to our live concerts page!

Our performances will be held online through streams, and will include an opportunity for the audience to meet and socialize with musicians and each other, before and after each program.

During first 15 minutes of the event the audience members will meet in a Zoom room, be introduced to the musicians, and hear more about the program of the event. To join the Zoom room please come here 10 min before start of each performance and click here.

Following this brief introduction, the audience members will then be directed to join in the Live stream of the program.

After the live performance we will meet again in the Zoom room, for the social hour. During the after-concert reception members of the audience will be able to talk, chat, see, and interact with each other and with the musicians. If you don’t have Zoom, click here for download and instructions.


Program notes

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