Gerard Herder, Sound Engineer, Piano Technician

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You can watch and listen to some of his recordings

Herder Recording is specialized in remote audio recording throughout the Washington, DC area and located in Sterling, Northern Virginia. All equipment is mobile, so recording is Gerars website picpossible in that nice hall, church or other venue that has great acoustics. The equipment used is of the very highest quality, some vintage, some modern, all state of the art.

Some musicians prefer the interaction with an audience or the feel

of being in a hall, to create their best, and I tend to agree with those musicians. There is no substitute for reality, even though we can get close with the help of technology. Studios have definite advantages in other fields, both for the artist and the technician, and that’s why I also have a studio available.

My best work is done with acoustic music. At this time, that means the vast majority is classical music, but anyone looking for purity and honesty in a recording, will find me a natural partner. Every project gets an unbiased fresh approach to assure an exciting and new product, representing the performance and wishes of the musicians.

Whether you need a concert registration, CD recording, audition CD, or demo CD –classical, jazz, world or any other music- I can help you make your vision reality.

In answer to lots of requests, we now offer video recording as well. While remaining truthful to the quality of the audio recording, we now offer DVD’s as well. Fully authored DVD’s or multimedia files in most common formats, including HD, all usual requirements can be met. Perfect to see back your concert or for audition purposes.

My goal is to provide high quality, affordable recordings for anyone.

Please contact me to discuss your next recording project, so you can focus on the music, knowing you chose the best partner for your project.

Please, see Gerard Herder’s bio

You can watch and listen to some of his recordings

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