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Looking for Music Games? Additional Study Materials? Educational and enriching videos, articles? Recommendations on which artists’ recordings of your child’s pieces to watch/listen to? Would like to share your own treasure find?

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On-line Music Games:

Kelly Riley’s Music Games

The Music Training Company

On-line sheet music

To download and print, go to International Music Score Library Project IMSLP Browse by Composer

To purchase official publisher copy you can use multiple sites Amazon sells a lot of sheet music now, too. Here are a few options:

Sheet Music Plus

Virtual Sheet Music

To purchase sheet music at a store nearby, see our recommendations at

Partners and Links

One thought on “External links to educational materials”

  1. James Kevin O’Connor’s approach to his musical artistry is like a fine aged wine: Full-bodied and mindfulness in one comprehensive package called, Soul. He approaches life–his life as all true artists do: To create is their sustenance, their honey, their breath.

    His sense of himself is harmoniously in sync with his world around him. He is as complex as his lyrics and as strong in his resolve to live out his dharmic, creative plan, to its very (sweet) end.

    Born into an Irish Catholic household, in northern New Jersey, O’Connor is the second eldest of seven children. Due to unforeseen life challenges, O’Connor spent a lifetime shaping and reshaping his life and musical career.

    Go to My Website: http://www.dharmicevolution.com/

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